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Pastor Matthew J. Richards

An Introduction

  • Hello, my name is Rev. Matthew J. Richards. Some of you may know me through the ULC Ministers network, and some of you may have never heard of me. So I wanted to introduce myself, and let you know a little bit about me as I set off on this new chapter in my life. As I move forward and with God’s grace, I will be sharing a lot more through this blog and other media, so you will continue to learn more about me, and this far from perfect life I have lived. THE BLOG: I wanted to start a blog for several reasons; First, because after years of denial, I have finally come to terms that I am a writer. I have always had a nak for writing and telling stories, and even poems and music. Recently I started taking college classes through the Colorado Christian University Online program, and I have had many of my professors encourage and compliment my writing style, and one even said that “you (I) have a beautiful voice, and it needs to be heard”, speaking of my writing. Second, I have a passion for helping others. Even as a young child, other kids and even adults would in some way or another confide in me and tell me about their burdens. It always seemed as though that the weary sole was attracted to me, and I was and will always be a sucker for the weary sole. And thirdly, because the spirit in me created and ordained by God says so. Having gone to church since I was a week old, I grew up in the midst of the saints. Feeling the Holy Spirit and being moved by it for as long as I can remember. I recall many times as a very young child, even as young as four or five years old, preaching to a congregation of stuffed animals, LoL, and wanting, no, urning to feel that Holy Spirit move within me. Today at 43 it is no different. THE STRUGGLE: Even though I recently have struggled with who I am, and my true purpose in life, God has never been far from my mind. Walking through the dark valley’s, I have become weary, and exhausted from battling not only with the dark spirits, but also with the Holy Spirit and myself! With so many negativities surrounding me, it has been hard to keep my head up and keep fighting, but I fight on. However, the spirit in me that wants to help others, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ is no weaker than it was 38 years ago. Having stood behind a pulpit for several years, and even having a pretty successful Internet ministry I have experienced the excitement of leading a lost sole to Christ. Though, many obstacles have been placed in my way, and I have since lost the desire to preach from behind the pulpit, and I no longer broadcast, I feel that through writing and witnessing, I can still lead many more to Christ. Let me make clear though, that I never completely lost the desire to preach God’s Word, but God has removed it from me, either temporarily or permanently I do not know, but I feel that either way, it is part of his grand plan for me and my life. RECONCILIATION: I will never deny the fact that I have sinned, I will never claim to be perfect or will I ever say to anyone that since I was redeemed that my flesh has not desired to go back to the old ways, and seek the old pleasures, and never will I judge anyone for the same things. For I am a sinner saved by Grace, and as long as I am in the flesh, I will sin. But, the great thing about God, is that when I fall upon my knee’s I know that God will forgive me! Fighting many of the demons that surround me, I have come to the conclusion that I myself cannot win that fight alone, but with God by my side, and through the Word of God I can and will fight the good fight, and win. As I get my life in order, I realize that there are many hard and extremely difficult days ahead of me, and there will be times that I will be injured and nearly killed (spirituality speaking), but I will live, and I will overcome, and with the armor of God and with his power I will conquer. Lord, I pray to you that you will forgive my sins, I pray God that you will use me as a instrument of your Word, I pray God that you give me the strength to overcome all the desires of the flesh, I seek your will, I seek your perfection, I seek your love, I seek your desires, Take me Heavenly Father, take me as I am, and lead me, guide me, and direct me in your ways. In Jesus name I pray, Amen FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: As you can see, I need prayers, and I need them bad. However, I do find glory in my infirmities and I feel that through sharing my experiences, I can help others. Wether I am helping another Christian, or helping lead a person to Christ, or just helping someone in general, I pray that I can give it my all. I know deep down the person I so desperately want to be is there, and is alive, and I desperately need the Spirit to breath fresh life into him. I need God, I need his love. IN TIME: Again, I know that I have some hard days ahead of me, and my prayer is that through God, I can surround myself with great, Godly people who will offer strengths, and give positive, unjudging, unconditional love. I know that in time and with the Holy Spirit guiding me, I shall overcome. My desire to serve God, and others is far to strong for me to ever ignore. The pain of regret for not doing anything about it, will be far greater than the pain of crucifying the flesh. So, I pray that through the blogs on this site and the other media, I can reach out to someone and help them. I pray that through the strengthening of the Spirit that I can give back. I will continue to pray for you all, and I hope that you all will continue to keep me in your prayers. Let me know what you think, and if you want more. thank you and God bless. Rev. Matthew J. Richards