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  • As posted in the past, Joseph Buenviaje of this blog (JCMC ministries), was sentenced recently to federal prison. The part everyone here should realize is that some of those bribes he took (while in commission of his felonies) he routed thru his ministry JCMC of which there are several. Since there are some here that are affiliated with him, you (collectively) should be very careful who you associate with from this blog. So Many here are not what they seem. They are not Bishops, Monsignors, Priests etc........... Most "Ministries" are not even legitimate. These types of blogs attract scammers, sexual predators, and of course bullies and trolls. Especially those looking for "funds" to start up their ministries. Just recently, one of our ministers was almost scammed by someone sending a phony marriage ceremony request. Thankfully, nothing happened to her. However, it does mean that you have to use common sense when dealing with people here. Never take anything at face value and investigate. Be careful and Be safe. 

  • Minister Cliff Gonzalez
    Minister Cliff Gonzalez Sad reality. Thanks for sharing Holly! It's unfortunate that a selected few will make the masses feel we (ULC ordained) are not trustworthy. 
    Aug 9
  • Minister Cliff Gonzalez
    Minister Cliff Gonzalez Hopefully The ULC will discredit and delete all his groups and posts. After all "do what is right" is the motto.
  • HOLLY  G
    HOLLY G They wont delete them. Also, people will read my blogs but not comment on them.  LOL. i have become a pariah because i dared to expose the corruption, lies, and bullying that goes on here. however, that wont stop me from bringing it out in the open.