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Did you know that bullying is ILLEGAL?

  • JUST SO EVERYONE IS CLEAR ON WHY IM BEING BULLIED.   I choose to go out in my community and support my local businesses. I want to go out into the fresh air and sunshine and boost my immune system.  Other people here demand I stay in my house and cower. But because I wont listen to what they say, I am now the target of bullying, ridicule and harassment.  So this is what I say to you:

    1. If you want to stay in your house, please do. Im sure the community can get along just fine without you.
    2. If you think you need to wear a mask and gloves to go out, please wear them. However, you can only benefit and boost your immune system with the vit d you will get from sunshine and fresh air.
    3. I choose not to live in fear but if that’s how you want to live, be my guest. However, you don’t get to tell me what to do or try and guilt or bully me into doing what you want me to do.   
    4. My state and town are open and many people are out. People here are not afraid.
    5. Using my niece who died as a means to try and bully me has to be the lowest thing ive ever heard. despicible and karma worthy.
    6. Bullying is ILLEGAL. all 50 states have a law against it. Cyber bullying is becoming very prominent and new laws are being written everyday.  
    7. I expect you will be bringing all these flying monkeys out like you did the last time. bring it on.  Just remember, The rule of three applies to them too.