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  • FOR THOSE OF YOU HERE THAT HAVE SAT ON THE SIDELINES WHILE MY BLOGS WERE "DISCREDITED", I WAS "HARASSED AND BULLIED, MY MEMES WERE "COPIED", AND MY INTEGRITY "QUESTIONED" .....  ask yourselves why you allowed this to happen. Are you afraid? Do you not understand what is going on? have you no backbone?

    Now I cant upload any memes. Know why? because one or maybe more of the bullies is affilitated with the corporate office.   I assume they will just be taking away my ways of communicating until there is nothing left for me. essentially pushing me out. SO, ASK YOURSELF WHY.  then ask yourself why you are allowing this to happen. 

    I am greatly disappointed in people here.  you call yourselves ministers? you should be ashamed of how you allowed me to be treated. 

    I will remain as long as i can communicate. should i disappear, let it be known that it was not willingly but was pushed out by the bullies.