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Making fun of my religion, that's bullying


    You might feel like you're being treated differently because of your faith or religion. This could be at school, college, by friends or with relatives. It's wrong for anyone to hurt, tease, ignore, threaten, tell jokes or call you names. It's bullying and you don't have to cope on your own.

    You might be bullied about your:

    • religion
    • religious practices, like not eating meat or drinking alcohol
    • clothes or symbols, like if you wear a headscarf, cross or kara
    • where you were born
    • the way you speak or your accent
    • class or caste.

    Being treated differently because of your religion, lack of religion or your beliefs is a type of discrimination. It's also wrong for someone to treat you unfairly because of your friend or family members' religion.

    It's still discrimination if someone doesn't mean to treat you differently or if they make a wrong assumption about you. Discrimination is against the law and you can get help to get it stopped.