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Flying Monkeys....Abuse by Proxy

  • Abuse by proxy is another way to describe flying monkeys.

    It is used by covert abusers/bullies/narcissists to discredit and isolate the target during smear campaigns etc. The strategy is that the target will be publicly vilified and lose all support and respect. It’s a political strategy.

    Many flying monkeys come with a self-righteous attitude. This is because the narcissist has played the victim and they’ve bought into the lies. In other words, these flying monkeys are drunk on narc Kool-Aid. You need to take their attacks seriously because flying monkeys are a pawn in the narcissist’s game. The narcissist counts on flying monkeys to help destroy your reputation.

    It’s an assassination attempt by a coward.

    Don’t try to win over the haters,
    you are not a jackass whisperer.
    -Scott Stratten

    Triangulation is the number one tool of every narcissist. He will train his flying monkeys in the art of gossip and lies because, without gossip and lies, he can’t spread his hate-filled agenda of turning people against you. If everyone sat at the same table for every conversation, then the truth would come out. This is why the narcissist likes to divide and conquer. The more secret meetings, the more gossip spread and the easier it is for the narcissist to win his war on your reputation. When you refuse to play this game, you will stop giving the flying monkeys intel to take back to the narcissist.

    Flying Monkeys are the narcissist’s extra right hand contributing to both triangulation and boundary violations. Boundary violations come when the flying monkeys follow their narcissistic leader and deny victims and survivors their rights — even the right to tell their own stories. Triangulation furthers abuse because as long as the flying monkeys keep flying between the narcissist and everyone else, nobody really knows the truth and no one communicates. It’s all a façade. Stop playing.