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  • Let Them Eat Cake: Dem NM Gov. Reportedly Violated Stay at Home Order to Purchase Jewelry

    New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham just proved she’s a typical Democrat when she reportedly violated her own stay at home order to obtain some new jewelry.

    New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly made a purchase from a retail jewelry store last month, at the same time she ordered many industries to temporarily close following her statewide public health order.

    Grisham, a Democrat, stressed in April that New Mexicans needed to stay home and should only leave to purchase essential items such as food and medical supplies, KRQE-TV reported.

    “We are in really tough financial times as a state. It mirrors the incredible, personal sacrifices that happen every single day because people have limited their ability to work, telecommuting and many people, in fact, have lost their jobs,” she said April 3.

    Days after her remarks, however, she called an employee at the Lilly Barrack jewelry shop in Albuquerque — where she has a longstanding relationship — to make a purchase over the phone, the news station reported.

    This is what I call a classic “let them eat cake” moment.

    While the rest of us peasants stay at home and suffer from the lock downs, the Democrat Governor decides she needs some new jewelry.

    Rules for us, and rules for those who think they should rule over us.

    Unfortunately our illustrious New Mexico governor is not the only one who thinks she should get to break their own rules whenever they want.

    Take the case of Virginia’s Governor Ralph “blackface” Northam who has just issued the nation’s first mandatory mask order.

    Via the Richmond Times Dispatch:

    After urging Virginians to wear masks when in public, Gov. Ralph Northam acknowledged he should have worn one himself while visiting Virginia Beach on Saturday.

    Photos circulating on social media showed Northam, a Democrat, without a face covering on while visiting the oceanfront over the Memorial Day weekend. He stood in close proximity to several beachgoers for photos, breaking social distancing. Republicans criticized Northam, a physician, for not practicing the public health precautions he has asked residents to follow.

    Of course he violated his own rules. Again one set for us, and another for our “betters.”

    Lets not forget China’s favorite governor, Gretchen Whitmer:

    So it seems lording over us peasant and deplorables is just a way of life for Democrat leaders.

    Sad, vile, despicable but entirely predictable. Why anyone would vote for these clowns is beyond my comprehension.