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  • Actor Dean Cain on Celebrities Signing Letter to Defund Police: ‘Hollywood, Thy Name Is Hypocrisy’

    During an interview on Fox and Friends actor Dean Cain just shredded left wing celebrities who hide behind private security and bodyguards while calling to defund the police.

    Co-host Jedediah Bila started the interview by asking Cain for his take on celebrities calling to defund law enforcement “so, you know, Hollywood celebrities typically hire either former officers, or private security firms, so they’re covered and they have their security, and now they’re calling for defunding the police for everyone else?

    “Yeah, well, Hollywood, thy name is hypocrisy. That’s just standard protocol for Hollywood. Of course they want to be safe, of course they’re hiring former officers as their security because that’s it, they want to be safe,” Cain said.

    “These rules apply to me, not to you. They can afford it and most of the people out there can’t,” he added. “You want to defund the police, you’re asking for anarchy, you’re asking for vigilantism and you’re asking for a lot, and of course they can say that safe behind their security.”

    “What they should be doing and what they should be calling for in my opinion instead of defunding the police and taking money away from police departments, they should be spending more money to train and properly train the officers and get them, you know, more on task for what these people think they should be doing.”

    “Without the rule of law, we have total and complete anarchy and it’s just madness.”

    Watch as Dean Cain shreds his fellow celebrities for their left wing hypocrisy and nonsense:

    Dean Cain is right of course. Defunding the police has to be one of the dumbest ideas ever to come from the left, and that says a lot.

    Without the rule of law he have total and complete anarchy and it’s just madness, as Cain suggested.