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If you live in NYC, I would RUN

  • Nuts: NYC Mayor De Blasio Announces Plan to Partially Defund the NYPD

    Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a plan to partially defund the New York Police Department and redirect the funds to youth and social services.

    Via Pix11:

    Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans Sunday to shift funding from the NYPD to support youth and social services instead.

    The mayor said the details would be worked out through the city budget process over the next three weeks.

    “We are committed to shifting resources,” de Blasio said. “The investments in our youth are foundational.”

    The mayor added that the defunding of the NYPD will be done in a way that does not compromise the safety of New Yorkers.

    Defunding the NYPD and redirecting those resources to youth and community programs has been one of the demands of protesters.

    Given that mayor de Blasio is a far left politician this comes as no surprise and you can expect that New York City will become a much more dangerous place to live and visit as a result.

    People like de Blasio do not care about the impacts their dangerous policies have on ordinary citizens, after all he has armed security unlike the rest of us.

    NYC mayor de Blasio’s move to partially defund the NYPD comes after Los Angeles mayor Garcetti announced his plans to partially defund the Los Angeles Police Department.

    Via Breitbart:

    Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday evening that the City of Los Angeles would cut up to $150 million from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) and “reinvest” the funds in the local black community.

    “This is bigger than just a budget, but I want you to know we will not be increasing our police budget — how can we at this moment?” Garcetti asked.

    Instead, Garcetti said, he had worked with the city council and community leaders to reach an agreement “to commit to reinvesting in black communities, and communities of color; in those places left behind.”

    He recounted statistics demonstrating racial inequality, and concluded: “I have instructed and committed … that our city … identify $250 million in cuts, so we could invest in jobs, in health, in education, and in healing. And that those dollars need to be focused on our black community here in Los Angeles, as well as communities of color, and women, and people who have been left behind, for too long.”

    What can possibly go wrong? Reducing the numbers of cops on the streets and the resources available to them is sure to result in a massive decrease in crime. Right?

    The reality is I think that the criminal element in both cities will be emboldened. Especially when you add no bail policies into the mix.

    The people of New York City and Los Angeles are about to get a hard lesson on the impact of left-wing policies on ordinary people.