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LOL Cowards; will try ANYTHING

  • Have you wondered why the bullies, trolls, narcissists, keyboard warriors, etc here are trying everything under the sun to try and get me thrown off this blog? do you know that blog has lost HUNDREDS of people because of them? NO? well Ill tell you why. two yrs ago they came and here and preceded to make almost everyone leave with their confrontational manner, spewing their filth about the christian religion, trying to shove atheism down our throats, ganging up on anyone they didnt like, and basically ruling the roost. i alone stood against them because most people here dont fight. what some of them did was slink away and just post and keep their heads down. i will never live in fear of a bully and the like.  since the PTB say this site believes in free speech, the bullies etc... try all they can do to stop that. everything i post is either posted over, ridiculously rebutted, or now calling me and what i post, racist. it has gone way past ridiculous into slander.  with the last 2 yrs posts from them, all the documentation i have now, i can easily start a law suit. however, im curious to see just how far they will go. if the PTB throw me off, it doesnt matter. i leave FREE and not a SLAVE or AFRAID of these bullies.  i stood up to ALL of them and you let me fight alone. that makes me a WARRIOR. I fight for truth and justice. They can say what they want, its still LIES.  and whats more, dont tell me not to post what i want, tell the bullies etc.... to leave me alone. i have every right just like them to post what i want.  no one took down the posts that the bully put up saying horrible things about the christians.  and not one of you christians said a word about it.  that is cowardice. so lets just see how hypocritical the blog PTB are.