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Can she be that stupid? Yes, she can

  • When You Hear What The Seattle Mayor Has To Say About Trump And Federal Agents, It’ll Make Your Blood Boil 

    (Right Country) – On Friday, in an interview with CNN host and leftist shill Chris Cuomo, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan slammed President Trump’s use of federal agents to restore peace and civility to her city and quipped that “The fabric of America is being shredded before our eyes.” This comes from the Mayor who previously celebrated Seattle’s autonomous zone “CHAZ/CHOP” calling it the “summer of love” despite the fact that crime rose by over 300% in the area during its capture by radical anarchists, which included several murders.

    The segment opened with Cuomo whining about the federal agents and insisting that the President has no right to enforce federal law without the permission or request of state leaders, “They were not asked to come. That’s how it’s supposed to work. The State leaders are supposed to ask for Federal help.”

    Cuomo welcomed Durkan by referencing her much-criticized comment. “So much for the ‘Summer of Love,’ I mean, this just keeps getting worse and worse,” he said.

    Durkan stated that Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf “believes he did not have all the information when he spoke to me” about sending troops to Seattle.

    “So, he’s a cover guy, Wolf,” Cuomo replied. “Well, look, it all depends. One thing you can — that’s consistent about this President is inconsistency.”

    Durkan admitted that the federal agents were on standby. She posited that despite the fact that the Federal Protection Service is only called out if there is a specific threat, Seattle could resemble Portland.

    Then she hurled these charges against federal officers: “[Y]ou have seen the introduction of a significant number of Federal agents who, night after night after night, have escalated violence and have had a fight, a running fight on Portland that has created there a public safety risk …”

    Are these leftist politicians truly this out of touch? Are they really that unaware of what is actually happening or are they that seriously obsessed with their hatred for President Trump that they are willing to do and say whatever it takes to make him look bad in all circumstances?

    Is it possible that Durkan actually believes it is the Federal agents who are causing violence and bedlam in Seattle? Highly doubtful. The people of Seattle need to keep her dishonesty in mind when it comes time to vote for the next mayor. Those living in Seattle who do not want to live as captives of this chaos and anarchy are being betrayed by Durkan and her lies.

    Durkan told Cuomo that the president “has also said that he’s targeting cities led by Democratic Mayors, and I think that’s absolutely true.”

    “He is leveraging his power, just as you said before, for his own purposes,” she alleged rather than admitting it is Democrat officials allowing the riots and violence to go on. “Instead of giving us the help he needs (sic), he wants to send in Federal forces and Federal agents to escalate tensions. Not only do cities not need it, America doesn’t need it. This is one of the most dangerous escalations.”

    “I was a Federal Prosecutor,” she asserted. “I know how important it is for Federal Law Enforcement to work with Local Law Enforcement. As the Chief Federal Law Enforcement Officer, as U.S. Attorney, I know that that’s an important relationship.”

    “I’ve never seen anything like this, in my career, where Federal agents are sent in, not even, not with the cooperation of Local Law Enforcement, but over their objection,” she pontificated, again refusing to admit it is the “protestors” causing the violence.

    “It’s unprecedented, and it’s the wrong way to go. The fabric of America is being shredded before our eyes, Chris, and it worries me greatly.” Yet, anarchists setting fire to and vandalizing her city, looting businesses, and violently attacking anyone who disagrees apparently does not worry her.

    Cuomo then championed the protesters, concluding, “This is the stuff of autocrats, and we’re going to have to see if the institutions of this society and the will of people in these jurisdictions is enough to fight it back. We’ll see.”