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Larry Makinson

A Beautiful Spirit Walk

  • Yesterday I was in a nearby larger town with 2.5 hours of time and no vehicle.

    I went for a walk to where the original train station was, which is now a park.

    No one was there and I felt it wood be a great time for Qigong.

    While I was practicing, with my eyes closed, I could feel someone watching me.

    I opened my eyes, bowed to him and he approached from about 50ft away.

    After a few minutes of conversation, I asked him who he was because the cut of his jib was familiar to me.

    He replied, "I am nobody".  I smiled warmly and replied, "That is wonderful because I am nobody also".  He smiled greatly.

    I asked him what it was that he was seeking.

    He replied, "I am a Mohawk Chief", and he offered me a gift of friendship.  I accepted.

    We talked for a while and then he offered me a gift of love and acceptance.  I accepted.

    We then proceeded to go on a spirit walk together.

    We talked about many things that have took place in the past along with the present events taking place in the world.

    To my wonderful brother, I post this meme to commemorate our meeting and the many things we discussed, although you may never see it, you will feel it within your heart.

    May peace be with all.