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                                             LOVE ALL SERVCE ALL SUPPORT ALL 

      All are welcome to discover the enriching Spiritual clarity and Direction they deserve. As an interfaith minister I have worked hard for over 20 years to provide spiritual clarity; guidance, counsel and weddings for those seeking authentic experience and spiritual elevation.  To start your quest; please contact rev Swami Shawn www.shawn.quest


    For Psychic Readings - Reiki Healing - Wedding Officiate Service - Spiritual Counsel - Prayer Etc. 

    Contact and performed via email shawnlotus0@gmail.com Donations for wedding service is suggested donation of $100 and for other services $20 is suggested and all services performed via email. Thank you for understanding and accessing a Spiritually profound venture.


    As a minister; I find that its my goal to enlighten, heal; counsel & guide all to a better life!