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Mortgage Fraud to Foreclosure Fraud - Q and A

  • March 1, 2018 12:34 PM PST

    THIS is for the families who have been defrauded out of their homes. This is NOT for Profit or solicitation. This is to provide answers to anyone who has been Foreclosed upon, and/or abused by the Legal Debt Collection industry. Ask any questions you like - 35 years hands on litigator/Law Firm Mgr./Bank Mgr./ and NYS Realtor...will answer your questions and provide suggestions, or actual help. I will also review Mortgages, and Foreclosures for free to detect and confirm Fraud or other Debt Collection violations. Let's get the forums going - treachery of fraud must stop! You can read all about me and my mission at FDCPAExpertWitness.org - Please post questions here in the ULC forums, which are also shared on our other sites. Humans have to stick together with love for each other! BE the example! Many Blessings to you!