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My Faith

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    July 17, 2019 10:19 AM PDT
    This might be the wrong place to post this. If it is, please let me know and I will happily move it to the correct forum.

    That being said; this post is a bit of a more in depth look at my beliefs, my deities, and maybe a bit of what I do to honor them. All of this is from my own personal gnosis. I have no texts to back up what I am writing. Most of the finer details are still being found.

    First up is my beliefs as they pertain to my deities. I am a Pagan polytheist. What that means to me is that I follow a set of gods and accept that other people follow ones different to mine. I believe that no matter how you dress it, when one speaks to the Divine, it truly is the Divine.

    My Deities

    First up is The Maker. Non-gendered creator of existence. The Maker saw potential in Chaos and molded it to their Will into the universe. Kind of like how a watchmaker will take all the little cogs and springs and craft a beautiful pocket watch or clock. During this creation of the universe, the Maker left a bit of the original Chaos in each piece so the universe would not forget where it came from. For there can be no Order without Chaos.

    The Holy Mother. Beloved and blessed goddess who presides over Life in all its forms. It is through Her that everything exists as a lifeform. It is because of her that Souls are even around.

    The Keeper. Guardian of the Gates to the Afterlife. Librarian of the Stories of Souls. He is neither malicious nor benevolent. He simply guides the Dead through to their final resting place. He keeps the stories of their lives so that they are not fully forgotten.

    The Watcher. Record writer of Life. He is the one who sees our lives and writes the tomes that are then given to The Keeper when we die. The Watcher observes and writes.

    Chaos. The origination of everything. Free will undirected. Both creative and destructive, it is Chaos that makes existence interesting.

    Again, these are my personal beliefs and not anything that has been written in a holy text. Hope you enjoyed reading it.