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Welcome to the ULC Ministers Network!

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Our family has grown quite large over the years, and continues to grow – hundreds of people get ordained with the Universal Life Church each day. So, we decided to create a platform where our ministers can easily communicate with each other. On the ULC Ministers Network you can connect with other ministers, engage in interesting conversation topics, and even find a minister to perform a wedding.

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Larry Makinson

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  •  (holy-bible-with-mask.jpg)

    Does Wearing a Mask Go Against God's Will?

    The message from public health officials is clear: wear a mask to help protect yourself and others from coronavirus. But not everyone is on board – partic... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Nuclear bomb detonating

    Seventh-Day Adventist Prophetess Predicts Nashville to be Nuked Next Month

    Did one of the founders of the Seventh-day Adventist Church predict that Nashville's going to be nuked in July? A mysterious full-page ad appeared in the ... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Statue of Teddy Roosevelt

    We Should Also Tear Down Statues of Jesus, Activists Say

    As protesters in cities across America continue to topple statues of Confederate leaders, slave owners, and other historical figures, some are sounding th... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Chick fil A Sign

    Chick-fil-A CEO Says White Christians Should Repent for Racism

    The CEO of Chick-fil-A recently threw his support behind the Black Lives Matter movement, suggesting white Christians repent for the sin of racism. But wi... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Depiction of voting with image of Denver Riggleman inset

    GOP Congressman Ousted After Officiating Gay Wedding

    Virginia GOP representative Denver Riggleman was targeted by his own party after officiating a gay wedding last year. On Saturday they successfully primar... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Person waving an LGBTQ rainbow flag

    Supreme Court: It Is Illegal to Fire LGBTQ Employees Based on Identity

    In a watershed decision, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 it is illegal for employers to discriminate against their workers based on sexual orientation or gend... Continue reading at the ULC Site

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