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Welcome to the ULC Ministers Network!

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Our family has grown quite large over the years, and continues to grow – hundreds of people get ordained with the Universal Life Church each day. So, we decided to create a platform where our ministers can easily communicate with each other. On the ULC Ministers Network you can connect with other ministers, engage in interesting conversation topics, and even find a minister to perform a wedding.

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Rev. Denise Zucker

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  • leap day circled on calendar

    The Secret Religious Origins of Leap Day

    Leap day comes around every four years, adding an extra day at the end of February. But have you ever wondered how February 29th was chosen? It all goes b... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Pastor Bobby Leonard delivering a sermon

    Pastor Under Fire for Justifying Rape if Women Wear Shorts

    A sermon by Rev. Bobby Leonard, a pastor from North Carolina, has sparked outrage for his controversial statements that women wearing shorts justifies rap... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • saint patrick's cathedral at night

    Catholics Demand Exorcism for Cathedral That Hosted Trans Activist's Funeral

    Catholic activists are demanding an apology from and an exorcism for St. Patrick's Cathedral, which recently hosted a raucous and "sacrilegious" funeral f... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • baby in uterus

    Alabama Supreme Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Children, Citing Bible

    The Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are legally human beings, and they cited God and the Bible in their legal judgment. Now, IVF clinics a... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • jewish worship supplies on table

    Rabbi Fined For Hosting Religious Gatherings at Home Fights Back

    When does a house turn into a house of worship? A rabbi in Hawaii is suing the county after they fined him for hosting religious services in his home, arg... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Taylor Swift surrounded by rosaries formed into question marks

    Decoding Secret Religious Messages in Taylor Swift Songs

    Taylor Swift has some of the most analyzed lyrics of all time, and many of her songs have religious references. We take a deep dive into the Swift songboo... Continue reading at the ULC Site

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