Welcome to the ULC Minister's Network

Welcome to the ULC Ministers Network!

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Our family has grown quite large over the years, and continues to grow – hundreds of people get ordained with the Universal Life Church each day. So, we decided to create a platform where our ministers can easily communicate with each other. On the ULC Ministers Network you can connect with other ministers, engage in interesting conversation topics, and even find a minister to perform a wedding.

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Gail Dobson
Arch Bishop Micheal  Ralph Vendegna S.O.S.M.A.
Aaron Oakes

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  • same-sex parents with adopted child

    Major Evangelical Adoption Service Opens Adoptions for Same-Sex Parents

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    All God's Children? New Bill Sparks Debate on Trans Rights

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    Juror Removed From Trial for Trusting God Over Evidence

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    Are There Other Life Forms in the Universe? Discovery May Be Imminent

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    TX Mayor During Historic Snowstorm: "Only the Strong Survive"

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