Welcome to the ULC Minister's Network

Welcome to the ULC Ministers Network!

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Our family has grown quite large over the years, and continues to grow – hundreds of people get ordained with the Universal Life Church each day. So, we decided to create a platform where our ministers can easily communicate with each other. On the ULC Ministers Network you can connect with other ministers, engage in interesting conversation topics, and even find a minister to perform a wedding.

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  • Couple getting married online

    Coronavirus Cancelled My Wedding – Can I Get Married Online?

    Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, brides, grooms, and ministers alike are scrambling for alternative options. Can you bypass coronavirus restrictions by getting... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • A bible covered in bacteria

    Missionaries Risk Infecting Uncontacted Amazon Tribes With Coronavirus

    A group of Christian missionaries are still planning a trip to the Amazon to minister to remote indigenous tribes - despite the threat of spreading corona... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

    Pro-Life Politician: Seniors Should Die to Help the Economy

    The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, made headlines when he appeared on Fox News and suggested that the elderly are willing to die so the econom... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Priest Coughing in Front of Open Church Door

    As Global Death Toll Mounts, Churches Choose God Over Science

    As we try to stop the spread of coronavirus, some church leaders are defying the mandatory quarantine laws and gathering their congregation on Sunday as u... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Cerberus, the Hound of Hades that Guards the Underworld

    Ancient Tablets Intended to Call Upon the Old Gods to Curse Mortals Unearthed in Athens

    At the bottom of a well in Athens, archaeologists recently found lead tablets engraved with curses intended to bring harm to the mortal world. Some are wo... Continue reading at the ULC Site
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    How to Hold a Virtual Wedding in the Age of Coronavirus

    If you’re due to get married or officiate a wedding this year, the coronavirus outbreak could seriously impact the big day. That's why some couples are re... Continue reading at the ULC Site

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