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Welcome to the ULC Ministers Network!

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Our family has grown quite large over the years, and continues to grow – hundreds of people get ordained with the Universal Life Church each day. So, we decided to create a platform where our ministers can easily communicate with each other. On the ULC Ministers Network you can connect with other ministers, engage in interesting conversation topics, and even find a minister to perform a wedding.

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  • The First Thanksgiving celebration

    The Secret Religious History of Thanksgiving

    Did you know Thanksgiving is a religious holiday? This is the story of pagan harvest festivals, how the Christian Church coopted these holidays as their o... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • title screen of I am jesus christ video game

    New "Jesus Christ Simulator" Allows Gamers to Play as Jesus

    Have you ever wanted to play as Jesus Christ? A new video game will allow gamers to simulate the life of Jesus Christ as they level up, perform miracles, ... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Mormons march in support of LGBTQ rights

    In Stunning About-Face, Mormon Church Backs Same-Sex Marriage Rights

    In a stunning move, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormon Church) announced it will support federal legislation to pro... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • person making a heart with their hands at the capitol

    Senate Votes to Advance Same-Sex Marriage Protections Across the U.S.

    The U.S. Senate just voted 62-37 to advance a bill that would extend legal same-sex marriage protections across the United States. While some LGBTQ rights... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • Milky Way galaxy at night as viewed from earth

    The Heartbreaking Theory For Why We're Alone in the Universe

    Are we alone in the universe? A team at NASA is taking a look at the Great Filter theory, which posits that intelligent life existed out there, but that t... Continue reading at the ULC Site
  • A native american family dressed in traditional clothing

    Should White Christian Parents Be Allowed to Adopt Native American Children?

    Should Native American children up for adoption be taken away from their culture and religion? That’s the question at the heart of a monumental Supreme Co... Continue reading at the ULC Site

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