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Debra Barrows

What Brought You Here?

  •       Growing up I never had a strong belief in religion, but was always allowed to find my own belief.  I have always struggled with the idea of not 100% believing in one religion.  I was always told "you just have to believe." "If you believed the answer will come to you." Replies like that don't help a child learn, comments like this just pushed me away from trying to understand religion. I even stopped going to organizations and stopped searching, till I was in a situation I felt I needed a higher power to help with.  As I got older I researched different religions, not follow or try to learn or even practice.  I literally would use the information as reports through high school and college.  I never felt compelled to practice any religion. Till I started working in the Health Care Field.

          I have been in the Health Care Field for almost 10 years now.  I have worked in Adult Homes, Residental Homes, Institutions and Hospital settings.  I have seen the weak, the feable, the dying and left behind.  Each person I have come in contact with has in one of another touched my heart and I have learnt something from them all.

          It hit me one day sitting bedside of a dying gentleman and reading his favorite bible passage. I had been practicing. I had been showing my moral code to others through my nursing and caring for others.

          I had always thought you had to be a devout prayer, constantly going to church, using a rosary and having pictures all over the place and acting a little obsesive. I never realized through my contact with others and finding ways to reach them in their time of need, my spiritual self found me and had been there all a long.

          I became ordained December 17, 2008 on my birthday as a gift to myself.  Since then I have had the chance to be able to use my credentials to offically help others without family members or even supervisors having an issue with me sharing spirtiual insight in times of need or the end.  It is kind of sad that we can't openly share our thoughts or beliefs without a clip on badge. But then again that is a whole other blog I could go into..........

          So I have come here realizing not only have I helped others but in their time of need they also helped me. So I guess to some it up human compassion is what has brought me here and I would not be me without it.