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Reverend Scott J Politano

Prayer Request

  • Hello to all my friends,

     As many of you know, great things come to those who are in numbers. This includes prayer. I would like to request a few moments of your time for prayer for a very special person: Judy Daniels.

      My name is Reverand Scott and I have a very special friend who is in the hospital. Judy Daniels is from the South Carolina area and went into the hospital 6 weeks ago with a case of pneumonia. Since then she has had a heart attack, chest pains, low oxygen levels, etc. Then she gets better for a few days giving the family and friends hope before relapese. Mrs Judy is 62 and until now has been in good health except diabetes which was basically under control. Her family is always deep in prayer for her.

      I appeal to the masses we have here to join together in a prayer circle for Mrs. Judy Daniels. Please forward this message to as many people that could join this cause as you can. She has a life long loving husband, son, daughter and grandchildren that need to have her get better and come home soon. If your willing to take a few moments of your time and say a special prayer for Mrs. Judy, it would be greatly appreciated. If you would like updates, please contact me at: drchefscott@yahoo.com . In the subject line please put Universal Life Church Judy Daniels.

    Thank you in advance for your prayers and assistance in the spiritual recovery of Judy.

    Yours in God,

    Reverand Scott J. Politano



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  • Pastor Jim VonSchounmacher
    Pastor Jim VonSchounmacher Scott, I will further your request to some 300 men that our part of our MorningStar Ranch prayer team throughout the world... prayer changes things and we will stand in the gap and believe that HE will do something very special for Judy. Be blest this da...  more
    September 7, 2009