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Reverend Scott J Politano

UPDATE for Mrs. Judy Daniels

  • Hello to all my friends,

      I needed to take a few days based on Mrs. Judy's history to compile an update. First I must tell you this: Between all of you fine folks here, and a few church friends around the country, Mrs. Judy Daniels had at least 535 people praying for her recovery. We have an AWSOME GOD!!!  Only could something as simple as prayer can bring relief to complex issues in our lives. Next, On behalf of the Daniels family and myself, I want to give you all a heartfelt and appreciative thanks for all your doing in the spiritual recovery. Mrs. Judy is doing a lot better.  She normally seems to slide after a recovery within a few days but this time it looks good so far. I am ecstatic to report that as of today Saturday, Lisa (her daughter) has reported to me some excellent news. A few days back Judy had to be prepped for dialysis due to fluid in her kidneys from the cat scan dye and they were not releasing it. Her daily output was only about 170 units. Within a few short days and WITHOUT dialysis, she is well over 800 units a day. Can anybody explain that to me? I can..prayers, many heartfelt prayers. If this continues, they say she should be able to be removed once again from ICU and put in PCU for therapy.  I will continue to update everybody every few days on her progress and please continue with your wonderful work on Judy's behalf.

      Once again, thank you all for the grand response. Thru God, we CAN perform miracles.

    Yours in Christ,

    Reverend Scott


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  • <i>Deleted Member</i>
    Deleted Member Adding another set of prayers for your friend. Lisa and I will keep her in our prayers.
    The news sounds good, may it continue.

    Rev Jeff
    September 16, 2009 - delete