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Tyler Kittrell


  • I went to church tonight at my mom's church. I thought about becoming ordained all throughout this highly religiously addicted service. In which we were taught about if we don't forgive God will chastise us. What did Jesus do on earth to teach us that he is a cruel and punishing God? He did nothing that would indicate that, he healed the blind and the lame, he sat with the lepers, he talked to the prostitutes, and had lunch with the sinners. He loved, accepted and touched everyone he came into contact with.

    This is a loving father who I never learned of growing up. I learned of an abuser God who hurt the ones he loved like the earth parents were hurting the ones that they " loved" God is so much more than that. In my ministry I want to share the love of God with others.

    A little bit about me. I am 34 years old. I am a single mom to two children. I am also an RN working in the home setting. I was married however found my husband was married to another woman at the same time and am currently proceeding with anullment. I know God has someone who shares the desires of ministry that I have.

    I was raised in Mass, where my religiously addicted mother brought us to church on sunday and Wed night and home was a living hell the rest of the week. My father was a convicted predetor and my mother insisted on staying with him and exposing all of her children to his sick sadistic behaviors. I have suffered severe abuse ranging from emotional abuse to religious abuse. I have overcome most but some of the pain is still there.

    My ministry: Help those who hurt to find peace through a minister who loves and accepts and appreciates the gifts God has given to them.

    I currently run a support group for women surivivors of trauma and work hand in hand with a
    Christian therapist who shares my views.

    I would love to go share my story with teenagers and young adults, to share the joy that can be found in the true loving God.

    If you are interested in hearing more of my story, or having me visit with your church please let me know.

    God has brougt me from the firey furnace and has set my spirit free. 

  • Amy Talbert
    Amy Talbert i wonte to be come a ministry how do you that
    August 2, 2009
  • Amy Talbert
    Amy Talbert i am ordanined
    August 2, 2009
  • Amy Talbert
    Amy Talbert you know what when i was little mind father was smoken weed and wee had in the room he bet mind mom broke mind arm and when i was 6 week old and know i tire to put the pass be hind me i am 24 and i have epilepsy out of school and tire to find out what i...  more
    August 2, 2009