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Frank Frey

"We have just enough religion...

  • ...to make us hate; but not enough to make us love one another."

    This observation by Dr. Jonathan Swift is probably truer today than when he first made it in the 18th century. When I first began the spiritual journey that eventually brought me here, I began by asking the question "Why should I fear God?" After much reading and meditation, I realized that I had no reason to. The final step was when I first saw the Hubble Telescope Picture, "The Pillars of Creation". Words fail me. I cannot put into words what went through me. What I felt. was an elation such I had never experienced before. I was like a blind man who now sees even dimly the world around him.

    When I looked back upon the various facets of Christianity, I found most of them to be almost abhorrent. The Fundamentalists seem to worship some kind of Abusive Authority Figure. The whole doctrine of Salvation seems to be based on the concept of "You're an evil wicked child and if you don't do what Daddy tells you to do you will be punished in the most horrible way. See, Daddy had to punish your brother Jesus because of What You Did. If you don't do what I, The Represenative of The Lord Thy God tell you to do, you will face damnation. This isn't spirituality, it's spiritual abuse. It is the doctrine of the anti-christ.

     Jesus Christ, IMO, taught us the Way.

    "Love the Lord Thy God with thine whole heart and soul and love thy neighbour as thyself"

    "Whatever you do for the least of these my brothers you do also unto God."

    "Forgive our sins as we forgive those who have sinned against us."

    Easy to understand but difficult to live. It is time to move beyond just enough religion and embrace the universe in its fullness.


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  • James L. Fabert
    James L. Fabert I totally agree! It's time to move away from the pretenders, and back to the Love of Christ. From religion to pure spirituality. God bless you for reminding me. I sometimes forget.

    A colleague once gave me the true definition of religion: "B.S.". ...  more
    August 10, 2009