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Rev. Ali Carson

August 12th, 2009 - My life.


    Today the weather was beautiful in Wichita Kansas.  I spoke to my Mum last night who lives in Western Australia.  My brother-in-law and two nieces currently have swine flu and are recovering from this strange virus that has made it's way around the world.  My oldest daughter who is 18 will be moving into the dorms at Wichita State University on Monday.  I am so excited for her and cant wait to help her move.  My son who is 14 starts high school on Friday .  My youngest daughter starts grade 2 on Monday so it is a very exciting time for my family.  I feel very lucky to have such wonderful talented children who are all incredibly nice people.  They all have such good souls.  I love my husband very much and am very proud of how hard he works for his family.  I cant wait to do my first wedding.  I am taking the time to learn as much as I can so that I am prepared rather than unprepared for this event.  Information shared on this website is great and invaluable  and I appreciate it all very much.  I am going to create a website and become a NAWO member so that my credentials are in order and people will know that they can trust in me to perform one of the most important times/events of their lives.  I am very blessed.