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Almarine The Redeemed


  • By this shall all men know that you are my diciples, if you have love one for the other. I find in the church sometimes, the love is lacking.  people need love and if they can't find it in the church and in christians, then where will they go? People are not strong enough to go to God for themselves unless they get so desperate and cry out to the Lord for themselves. I remember as a young lady who had gone thru so much abuse as a child, I didn't love anyone and I surely didn't trust anyone. How could I when I didn't love myself. Well as a young person, I remember laying on the floor in my home and crying daily for God to give me love because I didn't have it. I loved my children when I had them and that was it. I was determined to protect them from every harm in life. God did it for me and I love Him so much and I love people.

    There was a time that this church I was a member of, the pastor asked who all could say they love everybody stand up? The church was packed. We had a choir of 120 voices that i was in.  I was the only one that stood up. The pastor even sat down. I looked around and I said, what, you all don't love people?  I said again with my hands out asking, what, you all don't love people? Oh my Lord!!  I said, get on your faces to the Lord and ask for love.  Our pastor even wanted to know how did I get to this place because people in the church had hurt him so much. I said, I was on the floor crying out to God daily until my deliverance came. We do not have to love what people do, but we do need to love them. The word saids, with lovingkindness He has drawn us. So how are we going to win souls if we don't even love them. Where is the love God's precious people? Do you love everyone? Do you love God? Talk to me.

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