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Diana Browning

Auric TM

  • Hey, fellow travelers.  Just to let you know, they say Im a Blue Ray born in 1945, and I accept the title.  I have been seeing auric colors since a child before I even knew my colors, they were bubbles to me.  Sooooooo, since have learned about myself, and how to teach, thanks to Inner Peace Movement.  Found there's many like me, but it took awhile.  Joined the church because this practice shows us that there's  more in the Universe.  One can use the practice to Astro project, or go to different levels of awareness.  It takes work, but one can feel the third eye muscle becoming strained with the use.

    I have a book I'm sitting on, lazy, that will give all my experiences with it.  Just need inspiration, and an editor, both at the same time!  LOL  I try to tell myself that the world needs to know and I should get with it, but I haven't yet.  Perhaps, when I get older, and cant walk, and have to sit all day, maybe.....LOve and Peace

  • James L. Fabert
    James L. Fabert I'm very interested in the Inner Peace Movement, as my former Wife was a Member, and I had a difficult time understanding it then. After my experiences, I trust to find understanding an easier thing to accomplish. Could you enlighten me, please?

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    August 10, 2009
  • Diana Browning
    Diana Browning I had been having "bleed thrus" I call them for a few years, experiencing thoughts coming in to my awareness, coincidentiality, sychronisation, the word I found. At a point in my life when I began to question existence, and realizations about my life. Lik...  more
    August 11, 2009