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Rev. Paul Tasciotti II

What 2 do w/ Death


    YOU! YES YOU are going to DIE.
    But hey, don’t be bummed out we all share the same fate. For as long as we have been on this planet we have wrestled with this inevitable destiny. Our attempts to explain this certainty of death through mythology, religion, and science are our way of understanding life, and accepting death. We all have hopes and fears of what might await us on the other side. Contrary to what some say no one knows for sure what awaits us after our death - heaven, hell, reincarnation, another form of conciseness, or nothing. Regardless of what awaits us it is the here and now that we have some control over. What we do with this life is what is important. Knowing that death is coming we should endeavor to make the most of every second we have. The knowledge of our shared mortality should make the moments we have more precious.
    Much Love,
    Rev. Paul
  • Evangelist Teagle
    Evangelist Teagle Well bless you brother you kind of summed it up for us ,i also feel that life itself is so full of opprotunities to make a difference not just with yourself but others as well i feel if we focus on the thought that everyday we wake again and rejoice in th...  more
    August 21, 2009
  • Rev. Thomas J. Polis
    Rev. Thomas J. Polis Fact tells us we are all going to die. Faith gives us hope for eternal life.
    August 20, 2009