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Sollena Morginn

Wedding Prayer

  • Divine Mother, Divine Father, Divine Spirit

    We thank you for your blessings and we thank you for the opportunity to serve Love. We give thanks for the earth that feeds and shelters us, we give thanks for the wind that refreshes us, we give thanks for the fire that warms us, we give thanks for the water that gives us life, and we give thanks for the ethers that support us. We give thanks for our beloved family, both on earth and in spirit. We give thanks for our guides who facilitate our co-creation, and we give thanks for our guardians who facilitate our well being. 

    We acknowledge that we are embraced by love as we embrace love.  We call upon our beloved  guides and our ancestors to be with us throughout this day and to bless us with their watchful and present love. We ask for guidance so that we may know the path of wisdom and love. We call upon the energies of the four directions to bless us with the divine gifts of the earth that are our birthright as her beloved custodians. We acknowledge that we are the creators of our own dramas in our life. Our intent is to be in the right place at the right time in perfect synchronicity to give and receive the greatest love for All That Is. Guides we ask that you co-create our experience with us this day focused by our intent to bring healing and love to our world. We ask this with the purest of  intent. We go into this day with love and respect for all life in our hearts. We intend to create from this day an opportunity to expand our life and our world in harmony with, and in full knowledge of, the universal one that dwells within All That Is.