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Sollena Morginn

The Right Venue

  • alt  Greetings,

    Today was a deep reflection day.  Newly out of work and yes it is a blessing for sure.  I am engaging in my deep passion for life with the new creation I call Sacred Yoga Dance.  What fun!

    I live in a small community of folks that are here to be in community.  Foster kids mixed in with adults over 55 years old,  The community center gets a work out with lots of programming ,,, kids events, community breakfasts and the alike.  I have been off and running for the past 3 years in a remote section of Western, MA called the Hilltowns. Unless you live here you won't be able to relate.  Breaking away from the trance of  life and the form you have to fit into takes one away from their deepest souls calling. I have realized that side stepping could be a category many of us could fit into.  You side step the real you inorder to fit into  a category... society calls for you.  But what happens  to you in the meantime?  Well here I am chattting with you whom I don't know standing in the  naked truth of my soul. What is my real  truth?   I am a channel for the beings of light.  This is my truth and you know I don't need approval to do so.  I have been channeling since I was 9 years old.But my inner being said don't tell anyone... and in the 60's you better not say the truth. 

    Well here it is 2009 and my truth is yes I do have this gift. I have been pretty accurate and along with being guided each day, call them angels, god, higher self, whatever the name is not important but the information is for sure. How does this fit in with my ministry you might ask?  Well it does, because I believe in the sanctity of two souls coming together in the sacred space of a committed relationship. I am a good person, normal looking, happy, joyful and balanced. I am stable and very productive each day.  Yes I do channel and help guide people in these times  that  sometimes seem a bit dark and chaotic.  I choose to see the beauty in all beings and live from a good place.  I am  person who does not  work with any sort of special things, spells etc.  I am not saying that those things are bad they are just not who I am. 

    I love life and have decided to be who I  really am.  So thank you for reading this and letting me vent.  It only took me 50 years to get here.  I am not sure if this venue is right for my expression as a minister.  My heart is in the right place and I do my best each day to bring lovel, compassion and understanding to those around me. 

    So for you my friends .... be true to you... stand in your beauty... Love yourself most of all and open our heart and soul of what life has in store for you.

    Yes you don't need to wait 50 years to begin.

    Much Love and Joy, Sollena