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Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts

a story for all and a worthy cause

  • sup all, my mom has chronic copd and lung infection for life and is on 24 hour air. now the worthy cause is simple while waiting for her to get into the ambulance to go to the hospital she was set up and the ems was walking out of the hallway to the ambulance and the ambulance was stolen. i learned the 3 ambulances in my town of quincy are run down and need tons of repairs so i am setting up and fighting for a cause my city needs to ambulances once i found out the current ones are old and they only have 1 avalible and 2 are in the shop. the ambulance was stolen while they was in my mothers apartment some one just got into it and drove it away. so i ask you all to think about ambulance service and see if yours is effeciant for your city or towns or villages you live in and if not fight for the cause to get new ones. now with that said iam off to bed. some could say i should fight for a cause for grs or ba or ffs or transgendered rights but without proper ems or proper fire or police coverage we will be left naked and not enough help so we must need these services to keep us alive and safe. so before you say i need to champion for the transgender/transsexual or lbgt community think of what really needs to be done in your community and fight for it and get whats needed it then champion for other causes.

    Thanks for reading this

    ~Reverend Aeris Sky Ritalee