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Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts

my thoughts on material possessions

  • Good Morning, i want to discuss with some of you dreams and material possessions. now let me speak first to tell you this is what i feel and not everyone will be the same. let me exsplain i was born with learning disabilitys,alcohol syndrome so to me things are different to others. now let me get to it. a person who has dreams and goals usually has good goals and some bad goals. let me exsplain. the good goals are things that will benefit the person who has them the bad goals unless its necessary i think is bad goals. let me exsplain. for example if you have a goal to travel the world or take smaller vacations to see the world before you pass on to the spirit world then thats good goals. if you want something like a motorhome it could be a good goal if you plan to use it. otherwise its bad because of the gas bill and so forth. now material possessions you cant take with you. so most people buy things till they die then buy another. take me i milked my laptop from day one when it was new in the box till 2 days ago when it cought on fire. 4.5 years of use then one day gone. now everything goes and that means technology. now you can stock up on dvd players for example but eventually the dvds will be stopped made then when all your disks are ruined you can say oh no i cant watch em and i stocked up on plunty of dvd players. same goes if you also stocked up on dvds. what if your tv goes? simple the connections might not have a connection for the dvd player as technology eventually is out dated and it gets updated with new. same goes with cell phones i have prepaid and charge mine sometimes and sometimes not but my battery is still good thanks to god and i have had my phone since 2006. good razer phone. when i upgrade it will be for a blackberry. but in due time this one hasnt died yet. now say you get hd-dvds and stocked up on em and the players again it will be useless one day. techology changes. same goes with blu-rays.  let me exsplain another  thought unless say i know how to change batterys andkeep me nes aka first nintendo or gb aka gameboy games or snes super nintendo 3rd systems batterys changed all cart based games will be useless in time. now let me exsplain the older cd systems like PS1,PS2,PS3 you can stock up on em but unless you can keep your disks cleaned and trouble free the games will fail or the memory card or the system to play it. mind you if you stocked up on PS1s good but again the tv connections might change same with PS2 or like PS3 unless you stock up on PS2 the PS3 isnt backwards compatible. now  say you love music and have a ton of cds like i have. you have to relize unless you burn copys from your computer and transfer the burned copys over to a big enough mp3 player your cd player will be dead and so will your cds from over use. again same principles apply for dvds, blu-ray movies. eventually technology. so whats my point? well lets see let me give you the point buy what you need and rember that if you want the best or new technology remeber it doesnt last forever and you cant take it with you. the other point is it is all temperary like our lifes god gave us on earth its temperary. so in my opinion you can make goals to have a dream car or house or whatever but its temperary and eventually we pass on and cant take it with us so enjoy it on earth when you can and remeber its temperary. so another good thought is not to collect so much stuff. i collected allot then lost it when my storage shed was robbed i trusted my mother. i forgave her but the point is i couldnt of taken it with so i will rebuild what i can. now the last bit is this i find even if you cant take anything with you a good book collection is good to have and a good brier collection is also good to have.brier as in brier and meerschaum smoking pipes. that brings me enjoyment while io read. i hope i didnt bore you with my first blog. so bottom like everything is temperary including life and including personal stuff you own or want to own.


    ~Reverend Rita L Shotts

  • Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts
    Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts Good Morning Jody, i like classic books like sir auther conon doyles sherlock holmes and h rider haggarts allen quartermain series. as for other books well im intrested in reading the 2 versions of the talmud as well as the siddur the chemash as well as t...  more
    August 28, 2009
  • Almarine The Redeemed
    Almarine The Redeemed I enjoyed the reading. Things sure are temporary and things don't last forever.
    Money and things can't buy me love and this is what i need the most. technology change so often it is true. God never changes. He loves us with an everlasting love.
    Jody...  more
    September 1, 2009
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