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Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts

the bible and homosexualaity and false religion and sex changes

  • Sup all this is a short blog that i needed to vent and of course speak to all about homosexuality and the bible and false religion. now all religion is the real religion however i had words with my apartment manager and assistant manager husband and wife who are jehova witnesses. now they say the bible is the word of god therefore a man shouldnt sleep with another man or a woman shouldnt sleep with another woman and a man or woman shouldnt go thru a sex change because they will be blinked outta exisitance as its a personal choice and god gave free will. i almost thru them outta my apartment when they said that i will not exist after i die because of me going thru a sex change. i wont see a new heaven or earth. i beleive i was here to be a test to people as god has a plan for me.  the bible says do not judge as you will be judged yourself. they judged me and told me i needed to go back to being a man and live a normal life as i like woman.  if i dont i will not exist. i dont buy it. now that was upset 1. the upset 2 was they say most of the people on ulc are crack pots and the ulc is false religion because there religion is the true religion. i dont buy it. god gave the message to many people and in many religions. i tried to exsplain it and they said i need to resign from the ulc as its false religion. i beleive all religion is true religion even if i dont like it. i dont like them telling me all christian/islam/muslim,hindi,buddist,doaist and morman and other religion is false religion. i do beleive we are in the end times but it might come in my time it might not but i dont want to be told i am unworthy unless i change back to a man to get into the kingdom of heaven or the new earth.

    as for lesbian and homosexuality i dont buy god being mean and going to let them be blinked outta existant or sent to hell for being that way i think god was loving and merciful therefore the bible translators put it in it to put fear in others.


    i will not change to a man i will like woman even if my partner couldnt go thru a sexchange to be a woman. i will be myself and i wont let anyone dictate that i will be blinked outta exisitance or sent to hell for being homosexual in there eyes even if i classify as transsexual and lesbian and i surely wont allow someone to tell me i cant be with ulc because its false religion. and finally i wont be told how to pray or how if i dont resign i am with false religion and i will be blinked outta exisitance or be sent to hell. i think in the next few weeks i will go around to the other churches to see if i can join there church or atleast ask questions to understand better. i like my apartment managers but i dont like there demands. i live as who i am and i am not a burdan to anyone and i live life to the fullest why should i be judged for being transsexual and lesbian.

    so last words of advice. do onto others as you would do to them and dont judge as you will be judged yourself.


    god bless you all and god bless the world.


    ~Reverend Rita Lee Shotts


  • Pastor Tyler Odell
    Pastor Tyler Odell My nephew went through this a couple years ago (wanting to get the operation) and the whole family rejected him, telling him he could not come to weddings or family gatherings if he was dressed like a girl.
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    November 15, 2009
  • Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts
    Popette Aeris Sky Ritalee Shotts Thanks rev Jeff, i had to share my exsperience with all of you as i am upset at what they said to me today on it all.

    God bless you

    ~Reverend Rita
    November 6, 2009
  • Rose MizTri
    Rose MizTri Lovely Rita Meta Maid Oh, sorry just struck me.

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    November 7, 2009
  • Rev. Julie Black
    Rev. Julie Black Hmmm.. maybe you should ask them if there are any passages in that book that talks about judging others and not only it being a sin, but that it is only gods privilege. lol

    *I'm not a "bible person" and I even know this one! 
    November 7, 2009