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The Organic Scam R&D

  • I have a blog posted that is titled;

    The Politics of Food (free movie) plus Action Networks

    at the Toxic Reverend Myspace profile

    or you could just Google "Organic Scam" and R-D it for yourself, too.

    Baby Green organic lettuce had the highest levels of perchlorate

    (a rocket fuel addative) of all of the produce tested (including non-organic).


    Recommended reading is a book titled;

    "Fateful Harvest" by Duff Wilson.

    The book documents toxic chemicals being dumped "legally" into

    fertilizer because the laws were changed to allow it.  Including organic fertilizer.

    The Environmental Working Group has posted a list of fresh not organic

    produce from the most toxic to the least. Because "you can not allways

    afford or find organic food".  It is a free download at www.ewg.org

    There is more information at the before mentioned blog.

    Please feel free to foward and re-post.


    The Toxic Reverend


    Google seasrch terms;

    Organic Scam

    Toxic Revelations

    Toxic Reverend


    Tracking the money trail at

    Toxic Reverend - Toxic Revelations "Tacit Conspiracies of Complicity" at