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Toxic Reverend

Possessions; Mind Control and Biological Weapons

  • The "mentally ill" had often been said to be "possessed by demons",

    in the days of old.

    This is not to say that Demon Possessions are or are not real.

    What I am getting into with this blog are some

    of the variances that are and have often been mistaken for

    "Possessions", such as mental illness, "Toxic Victims"

    and or victims of "mind control".  The "Historical Perspective"

    is given after these resources of "current events", regarding

    mind control programs and weapons.

    Reference article titled :>

    Environmental Connections:
    A Deeper Look into Mental Illness

    Published by Environmental Health Perspectives

    Mental_Health_Environmental_Connections.pdf 414k < PDF download

    Volume 115, Number 8, August 2007

    Their "general conclusion" (in theabove article) is that mental illness
    is often due to toxic chemical exposures, that patients are not evaluated for.

    Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)
    a monthly journal of
    research and news on the impact of the
    environment on human health.
    EHP is
    published by the National Institute of
    Environmental Health Sciences and its
    content is free online. Print issues
    are available by paid subscription.

    Google search terms; "Schizophrenia mycoplasma",



    If you have a "chronic illness"such as "arthritis",
    you might want to do a Google search on "arthritis mycoplasma".
    Or "cancer mycoplasma"  might show you why this is of concern to you.


    It is reasonable to expect that most victims of such CIA programs

    as Project MKULTRA  would be percieved as "mentally ill" by anyone witnessing what

    they are endurring.  Some of the better documentation with the current events of

    such weapons and techniques can be found at "Want To Know". Just check the

    drop down mentue at the top of their page titled, "Mind Control".


    Stop Mind control And Ritual abuse Today - http://ritualabuse.us/newsletter/
     November 2008 Newsletter

    Some of the doctors who know about mind control abuse and torture are posted at

    "PeacePink" as "Doctors and Psychiatrists who know about Mind Control Abuse and Torture"


    Copy . paste of a work in progress:


    Theoretical History of Mental Illness

    Historical Perspectives of Possessions and Mental Illness

    by The Toxic Reverend, an Environmental Technologest

    "The Ancient Possession's of Mental Illness"

    Toxic chemical exposures can reduce the immune systems ability to

    deal with sub-clinical (not acute) "stealth" infections, such as mycoplasma's. Of which
    are only one type of an infectious agent that can invade the nervous system.

     These mycoplasma's have been around for thousands of years. In fact, a mummy

    had been shown to have died from such an infection (walking pneumonia). Back then,

    parasitic infections and malnutrition were the main "factors". Today we have the Low Dose Cumulative Effect's of Toxic Chemicals, as well.

    Another perception of a "demon" amounts to
    a parasite infection, such as "tape worms".
    Google search terms;
    demonic possession parasitic infection"

    Before we had the influences of the "
    Toxic Lotto",
    healers would clear the parasitic infections and the
    "Demons would be "cast out". The immune system
    could then deal with the mycoplasma infection.

      Jesus was an "Essene" that used
    fasting and parasitic cleansing.  Ancient
    library finds and Dead Sea Scrolls revealed
    that the "Baptism" included an enema to flush
    out parasitic infections.

    Google search terms:
    Essene enema parasitic infections

    A few of the search results are:

    These parasites are considered to be synonymous with demons.' " Essenes, Israel, 33 C.E., Stephenson, Neal. Snow Crash. New York: Bantam (1992); pg. ...
    www.adherents.com/lit/Na/Na_185.html - 48k -

    For all these reasons, the enema is necessary at the beginning of our new life. After the fermentations, former parasites and harmful waste products have ...


    Mycoplasma's are one type of a non-lethal biological weapon that is highly associated with a few dozen chronic illnesses, in peer reviewed medical journals.
    "They" stopped teaching medical students about them twenty-five years ago while they were being studied
    and developed as a non-lethal biological weapon.

    These mycoplasma's have been around for thousands of years and the predisposing factors were / are parasitic infections and malnutrition.  Today we also have the low dose cumulative effects of toxic chemical exposures as a predisposing factor.  What I term the "Toxic Lotto", as well as radiation exposure.  Anyone of or any combination of, can impair the immune system.

    While there are a number of "non-lethal" biological weapons that are infectious agents known as "Incapacitating Agents"
    this bibliography only deals with mycoplasma's.

    Some mycoplasma's were genetically spliced and weaponized and there are a number of other types of "Incapacitating Agents" besides mycoplasma's, too.  Many of these infecious agents can multiply in their pathogenetic impact when combined with other infectious agents.

       These chemical and biological agents have been tested on hundreds of American cities, for decades.  The 1991 Gulf War Vets have plenty of verifiable information and government records about this posted at their web page, "Gulf War Vets"


    and they have linked in the DVD movie "Beyond Treason" at their page, too.
    The title is appropiate for this topic as well over a couple of hundred microbiologists have died under extremely strange circumstances while trying to tell and teach doctors and researchers about these issues.

    Google search terms that reveal multiple web pages and stories is"Mysterious deaths of microbiologists"

    Old report from 2003 listing the names and mysterious circumstances



    The Sunshine Project

    was the only real watchdog group for
    about biological weapons and biotechnology. They have suspended
    operations because of a lack of funding and donations.

    Biological Warfare On the American People
    by Dr. Garth Nicolson ...
    (Links to a two hour video) ... 
    The subject of the video includes combating the quickly-
    emerging mycoplasma-based illnesses such as Gulf War
    Illness ...  Lyme Disease, Macular Degeneration,
    Measles, Mold, Morgellons ...
    The video is posted at :>
    If the video below does not play, please go to the above link.
    Chronic Illnesses and Biological War on Americans

    Garth Nicolson PhD does have his credentials posted with Peer Reviewed Medical Journals on Chronic Illnesses, cancers and Stealth Infections from Bio-weapons of the non-lethal variety.
    Including peer reviewed medical journal articles on appropriate treatments posted at



    Also note the blog titled:
    The Triple Combination of Mental Health: