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Marian Durden

loose thoughts and requests for blessings

  • Dear Friends,  I just needed some info and good thoughts from any brother or sister who is "possessed" with all things spiritual, as am I.  I claim Theravada Buddhism as my main source of inspiration but am planning a trip to the Peruvian Amazon to work with the Shamans at a particular retreat. I embrace all religions/spirituallities as I know that, in the end, they all come from the ONE SOURCE... to which we all attain to commune as one, undivided from this source. Gosh, I'm good at run on sentences.  Please email me with your thoughts and experiences, either here or at <mariandurden@yahoo.com> as soon as you can.  I'm at a really low point and have no spiritual friends where I'm staying now except a Methodist minister who only quotes to me from the Bible.  I think that the "First Cause" speaks in many ways to many people and I am very excited to hear from you. With palms together, I bow deeply to all who will offer me some "food for thought." Marian

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  • Charles Lee, Jr
    Charles Lee, Jr Hi Marian,

    Charles here.

    I was watching an episode of "The Doctors", which featured Jillian, one of the fittestness experts from the show, "The Biggest Loser".

    She made a comment that cause me some headache because I don't think we li...  more
    March 3, 2010