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Duane H Pridy

Prison & Jail Ministry 1st Fundraiser



    Jeremiah 29:11


    Prison & Jail Ministry Fundraiser

    July 12, 2009 to September 01, 2009

    Pridy Outreach Ministry

    331 W. 2nd Street

    Medford, OR  97501

    Telephone 1-541-499-6835 Email: dpridy97501@gmail.com


    Greetings To All,

          Pridy Outreach Ministry is a located in the Pacific Northwest In Medford, Oregon. We are not funded by any church or organization we are funded by the gifts from friends like you, We are holding our 1st Outreach Fundraiser since the huge financial down fall we have run real short and our funds are now in serious need of help. Our ministry goal is to help provide gospel materials such as our Free Prison & Jail Inmate Bible Study Course that provides all study materials along with Study Books, Test Booklets and Study Help Guides each Bible course cost us from start to finish $13.50 plus the cost for postal. Our ministry also provides free of charge as the lord provides Gospel Tracts, Bible Reading Books, Scripture Memory Books, Greeting Cards so Inmates can send their loved ones cards for special moments.

         We never turn down any of our hundred or more request monthly as the lord provides for us every month, So here is our fundraiser Information our ministry is holding our very first fundraiser and what we are offering is for a $5.00 Donation we are sending out a great Gospel Kit which includes the following Items (1) Gospel Study Book (2) Gospel Booklets (1) pack of 12 Gospel Tracts (1) Psalms Bookmark (1) Small Footprints Card. All funds collected will be used to help send out more gospel kits to fellow Brothers and Sisters who are in correctional facilities around the USA we also are collecting donations to help us purchase more gospel related materials for our International Outreach Mission Program these funds will help us send to missionaries around the world who are trying to bring others to Christ this is set to take off around Oct 10, 2009.

          If you would like to order our Fundraising Gospel Kit please send Cash, check or money order payable to Rev. Duane Wright of Pridy Outreach Ministry send to the below address and we will rush out your Gospel Kit orders will be sent as soon as order is received along with your order you will receive a Tax Deductible Receipt for you to use for your Taxes. And for your help we are also including a Free Illustrated "He Is Risen" Childrens Gospel Learning Booklet.Thanks so much for your support and may God Bless you and guide you always.

    Send Donation To: Reverend Duane Wright

                       c/o Pridy Outreach Ministry

                         331 W. 2nd Street

                         Medford, Oregon  97501


    Proud Member of The Prison Ministry Network Since 2007


    Ministry Web Site www.webstarts.com/pridyministry

    You may contact us VIA Email at dpridy97501@gmail.com