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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Genesis

  • Reflections of Genesis


    In the morning I wake up wondering what the beginning agenda is for the day.  As I begin to start my day I take the time to do my breathing exercises.  I realize that God is somewhat a marvelous mystery that proves that we are made into the image of God, women, men and children alike.  It is the family of people, a society is born based on a life beyond our years, and our lifestyles, yet we were created in that image.  In the beginning, the scriptures perform an inspiration that God is like us and we are like God.  In God’s ways and thoughts, they are higher, but we have the formulation of what it is to be like God.  I look into my mother and father’s eyes and realize I am somewhat created in the image of them as one.  It is a beautiful masterpiece to imagine how these two worlds came together to create a unique and extraordinary existence, yet if I am to take it to the next level of metaphysics that God is our father and mother that created us into their image as one being without the ideas that we are like higher worlds beyond us we lose the essence of greater rewards and purpose in life.  I suppose if you find yourself in a helpless situation the thought that we were created like God, bring new life, and breathe new substance.


    In Genesis, I am reflecting over the scriptures to understand that the wonderful world of God is not only mass and like the universe we touch only the surface of what we can actually become with the makings of our own existence and materials within us.  Yet when Jesus spoke that the kingdom of God is near that he could have been spoken that we can create that kingdom because like God, we can reflect what has been done before time, in the ages of all generations that we could tap into a collective sub consciousness that would manifests a life and lifestyle that when we look in the mirror we no longer see just mortality but we see glimpses of immortality rising out of our being.  It is in my mind and heart that our soul and body is capable of reaching potentials that have been deemed worthy of impossible for we are created and in the image of God we are like them.  In that reflection, I look in the mirror, and I peer through the new image of me, and I see bits of my mother and father genetic coding sweeping within me and complexes being I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is in no wonder that I can not see God in my eyes for we are created in the image of God.  In the image of my parents I have been created.  Is the heavenly parents are other half.  As mixed children who are mixed with many cultures, their ethnicities are arranged in such marvelous coding that it is almost impossible to understand how they exist in peace within themselves if we just base our lives off of the warfare of history of mortality and global relations of ethics and behavior.  We find that in the beginning the mixture of culture, religion and genes are confusing yet real.  In the concept of understanding Genesis, I find that God creating us in their image, I would be perplexed to find that my whole self is beyond my wildest dreams of what I can do and what I’ve done that it is evidence that we have only hit the surface of what potential we can master and live as God created beings.


                    Those who cannot believe that we are created in the image of God, has nothing more than a mortal life that will die at the end of decay and life that at the possibility that faith ends in the last year, day, hour, and then they return to dust.  Become soil for the trees, humanity who miss the evidence of God will not miss that evidence after death, but they sure believe that it ends at earthly understanding of existence.  The child can only function in the education understood, mastered and applied, and so knowledge is only a restricted, limited tool that the child uses for the rest of their life to find purpose, conviction and empowerment.  Likewise those who believe in God creating them in the image of God, we are born into life.  They use knowledge beyond their wildest dreams, tools that are more immortal than mortal, and overcome and do amazing feats that bridges the gap of darkness and light.  These peacemakers become adored by life because as life givers they find their calling and election in eternal life.  In the understanding of that knowledge they find eternal empowerment that takes them on higher highways and byways to travel.



                    In the beginning, Genesis, is the inspiration that God created man, woman and children in the image of them.  In that world, we have a reflection of who we are in their life.  We are exalted by the knowledge we entertained.  As I close today in these reflections, the fall of Adam and Eve, is the day that this family walked away from that knowledge of life.  Instead their knowledge to try something different became a disobedience to their heavenly parents and their societal policies, constitution and ways of life.  It is the law that they walked away.  It is their disobedience, resistance that they innocently walked away to pursue the desire to gain wisdom that was forbidden to them as children of higher beings.  It was by hope that these parents of Humanity, mortality that they found themselves facing death.  In death, they learned that mortality would swallow up their desire, and they would not come to their hope to receive wisdom and understanding of the things of God.  It is within this beginning that we have learned to trust and understand our genetic coding begins with the first error of lawlessness.  The laws kept us bounded to limitation, but our desires bounded us to passion.  No matter what we gather in our perspective we can walk away knowing that God was for us and not against us, and created a new society that is not without laws which called in the salvation of Christ, grace.  Somewhere in the desire of Adam and Eve, God found love. In that hope, it is now in God’s mercy we found life and knowledge of good and evil with salvation and forgiveness.  It is the new eternal order, laws of love created through the desire, hope and faith of that fall that day.


    Our history is more than just crimes against God, but redemption and transformation and forgiveness.  In that hopes we can rest assure that we are more than just mortals falling, but immortals learning.


    Peace and Blessing


    Ur girl, Keisha