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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Leviticus

  • Reflections of Leviticus


    Within the gazing of the sky, I wonder what is the consumption of the clouds, the elements of the colors from the rainbow, and finally, what is happening as I am meditating in the universe, the heavens and beyond.  I found that my mind sit under the understanding of quantum physics that energy is the glue that holds together the manifestations of our existence of what we know of it anyway.  In my understanding, the book of Leviticus could be actually coded of quantum physics in the ability that God states of faith healing, mind-body medicine.  It is during the history of time that people tried to tap into this faith healing, love healing and hope healing, but could never master these techniques that prove as evidence of science and concrete consistency that man, women or children could rely and trust these principles of faith.  Though Jesus speaks of such faith that can move mountains, prayer that could heal the sick, and forgiveness that could raise the dead, the evidence that this is truth and not symbolic has been questioned, challenged, and criticized by people that have lost their love ones to death, disease and malnutrition or dreadful accidents of life. 

    What can we conclude in these hard teachings of faith that the word of God is spirit, and within its words hold eternal life, or should we say that we are mindless fools wondering around living false hopes?  Of course not, the ideas of inventors have proven the power of faith, belief, and the power of suggestion.  Quantum physics for mathematicians have never been tapped into on the level of humanity learning the techniques masterful enough to control, manipulate atoms.  Our sophistication is not at a point to manipulate or skillful use energy as Jesus claim was destined for man to control.  We naturally live in our bodies, yet according to quantum physics we have manipulated our bodies to keep it in the form it is formulated daily naturally, so what more could we do consciously.  It is more that we could use our mind and body to transport, and move within the energies of the universe, but we have not develop those skills to heal on those levels, perform or distribute in ways that our faith, hope and love can save us from death through the knowledge of God’s direction and coaching.  We are too busy fighting over power, food, clothing, shelter, using war to manipulate territories, and as a territorial generation over people, commodities, and resources, we miss out finding the solutions to disease, death and malnutrition. 


    As I daze into the scriptures of Leviticus I see God challenge his people to learn how to be clean.  What is being clean?  Most diseases, viruses and other bacteria’s that have become a nuisance have fed off of garbage within our bodies.  Sometimes, the wastes that we have within our bodies are used to birth these pests that have taken over our bodies as a hub for their existence.  We have found that some of these pests are becoming parasites within their own right.  As an army of higher consciousness, these organisms develop sophistication to overthrow our own intelligence to conquer our life until we decay and die.  It was in Leviticus that God was trying to teach mortality how to overcome these pests using methods of cleanliness.  In our world, as a global community, we have filth in our landfills, companies wasting lands, digging and filling holes with garbage.  We are consume with wastes whether we have filled wastes in the air, in our bodies, in our minds, hearts, and in our earth, our environments are filled with uncleanliness.  It takes money to stay clean, when we should be sophisticated enough to have it the other way around.  It appears we are self-destructive creatures that shoot our own foot in our methodology to charge to be clean and to have it free to be wasteful.  It is should be costly to be wasteful, and free to be clean.  I sympathize with the human race when Jesus said, he ask his father to forgive mortals for we do not know what we are doing.  We live our lives without truly knowing what impact our actions make on the earth, within our own lives, and with our future.  It is in this hope that Jesus blood; we are given eternal life to learn to do right by us, God and our environment.  It is only time that will promise us that we will be given the chance to mature the gifts and talents, skills to perform the faith healing, love healing and hope healing that explains quantum physics to the way mind-body medicine can perform after mastery and sophistication of developing skills of the knowledge of God, the energy of God, universe, and within the atoms of all things, we will be able to move the chi of life, death, and perform greater powers that our own ancestors could never understand and touch. 


    It is within our own time to entertain the ideas that inventors had entertained that life beyond what we should know is within the grasp of mortality through the trust of immortality.  We must share these thoughts, for all God’s knowledge has been given for salvation to come through his Son Jesus Christ that we might believe like mathematician the mathematics of God that the Holy Spirit is more than energy, the atoms in our bodies move consistently and unceasingly we pray that energy keeps moving, and therefore we shall move mountains with our faith.