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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Numbers


    Reflections of Numbers



    How many licks does it take to get to the bottom of the lollipop?  A childhood play that most kids of my age remember the commercial of the lollipop ad.  In the knowledge of God we find that our repetitions in life and quantity played a huge level of resourcefulness and a sign of love and obedience in sacrifices and mastery.  In this book, I am reflecting on the numbers that it will take to arrive in our paradise.  How many steps will it take to arrive in our future?  How many rituals will it take to arrive in our salvation?  How many lives will die before we overcome the detriment of death?  How many loving thoughts will it take to find the breakthrough to heal those who hate?  The list goes on to what this book has achieved in expressing the capacity of our limitless efforts toward the pursuit of love. 


    I am in meditation of the laws of God, the new order of love, grace and forgiveness in the understanding of Jesus Christ.  As a mix breed of mortality and immortality, could we possibly understand the truth of his existence?  What will it take to understand and believe in his report?  The report that we will life after death, and for some, never sees death, taste it or be part of it.  It is evidence that most scientist do not believe in the science of heaven, or God.  It is still a mystery to scientist and mathematicians the extraordinary power of a believer.  How can a believer pray to their health?  Some doctors have now confessed that prayer is part of the healing process.  It is now part of many methodologies that prayer should be practiced as the body has responded to the obedience of God through prayer.


    It is in my heart and spirit that passion of the will have done the numbers.  It is the lottery that wins.  It is the time that is needed, and finally the sacrifices of peace that have been paid.  In Numbers, the believers have learned that the duty of people is the pathway to the numbers that is needed to show mastery or self-discipline of their own peace.  God’s peace comes through those numbers.  The idea that we use repetition and quantity to pay tribute and respect in worship, prayer is not an idle behavior or attitude that we mimic.  It is the determination that proves our own discipline that God receives our expectation.  In the verses of the scripture we find Jesus speaking about do not be long winded in your prayers that God finds honor in empty words to prove that you have some type of eloquence, but to use the obedience of the heart to love one another and love yourself as you find the pleasure to be generous in giving.  It is that prayer that you find forgiveness of sins, mercy and compassion to speak to God who hears, and answers prayers according to the obedience and passion that love births in determination and drive.  It is in that direction that our prayers become aroma therapy and holistic healing for the holistic and whole self.  It is in those numbers do we find redemption in the blood of Jesus Christ that we are able to break bread with one another, fellowship with one another and share our wealth with one another cleaning each other feet and compassionately finding restoration for each other.  In those numbers, we can apply this book, as it has been written to show how the basic formulation of adding numbers and subtracting numbers can add life or subtract life by what we do, think and behave in our attitudes and attributes of distributing wealth and love.