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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Deuteronomy

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    Reflections of Deuteronomy



    As I struggle with my thoughts, heart and life, I find myself in meditation.  Peter finding himself caught up to the third heaven, I find myself caught up to the throne room of God.  In my pretending, the day dreaming of how God sits with the Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, all stand at the right hand, accusing humanity for their sins and selfishness, I find mercy, taste mercy and so, love rules the earth. 


    As I daze into my eyes, I find the perils of the world, the tears and gnashing of teeth, children picking trash in the streets, disease rampaging the elder, crippling their legs, arms and heart, the surgeons scratching their heads.  I see the wealthy in the jaguars, yachts and in the moments of turmoil, I find the world sitting at a banquet feasting of the flesh of life, for death is passing by slowly but surely, the love in people’s heart prevail by the breath they take.  I see hope.


    In our darkest moments, and hours, as beasts, we roam the world, and we find some rest, but we cast our lots in the sea looking for some meat.  I find that we are looking for peace, yet she flees.  What is happening to me?  I am not going to rest in despair, for I will find treasures in the air.  I know that love prevails, death Passover, and I will touch the hem of his garments that will make me whole, restore me, and I will taste eternity, immortality and soon, prosperity as I learn to do well, be a good steward of his earth, the universe, and the creation within its members.


    I journey through the wilderness finding the laws of God stumbling and challenging.  As a weight around my neck, I find the slavery pushing me down to the grave, but thank the Lord, praise the trinity for I hear salvation calling my name.  I am written in the Book of Eternal Life?  I am moved by the ideas running wild in my mind; it is manifesting joy in my bowels, as the war continues on in me.  I am the giant that lives within me.  The dreams consuming my mind, birthing immortality, I thirst and hunger after righteousness.  I am awakening one breath at a time.  The throne room of God judging me, peering me, examining me, and they find, salvation and love in me, I need thee.  The blood of his Son comes and kisses my soul, my body receives the bread and wine, as I eat and drink the word, I am reborn, and I see my judgment send me back home.


    As I kiss the hand of my creator, I leave with a smile because I know I am returning to the perils of the earth as an immortal soul, my body will be as the rose living and in hope I shine some joy on a dying world and in its resurrection, I will be able to sleep again in peace.  As I journey through Deuteronomy I find that Moses had to sleep in that peace, that vision, daily meditating on God’s promises that he will save him and his country.  In his faith he had to breathe for forty years that hope that he is loved, and in his love he got back up, and traveled, though the world around him was empty without luxury, without bearing fruit, without peace and without allies, he was alone, but yet was not alone for he was deeply loved, and in that love, he found courage to carry his cross.


    As he turned his cheek, wrote a new law for a hardened people, he kept his eyes on the prize, the promise land that he would never get a chance to enter.  His body trusted the word of God, and his soul cried out to his creator as though salvation would come, and so salvation came.  Moses left, sat in a cave, meditated, and as Elijah was taken away.  God was faithful and made him love, and the people walked away with a new leader to carry on.  As I leave the throne room of God, I meditate on the new word for my soul and body today, it is Passover, and death must flee, for there’s no room for him in me.  I am the everlasting covenant because God promised me tomorrow.  In my journey as Moses I will walk and carry my cross as he has, and in the end, I will see my fire horse taking me from one place to another.  Until then, I delve into the word of God; meditate on it night and day, the promises of paradise and eternal life in the body and soul.  In their promise, I expect great things from God daily.  May my creator never fail and keep their promises of eternal life to me and my kingdom.