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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Judges


    Reflections of Judges


    I sit in the courtroom, as I watch the business of the judges convict from listening to the appeals of the lawyers accusing and pleading.  I begin my meditation, and I develop my love from within by going to a place of day dreaming, to find that in the presence of God, the courtrooms open for all creation to walk into a room that holds everyone ever born.  All creatures that lived, find a place in the order as they are convicted and sentenced to their life forever in a place of wilderness or a place of paradise each to their own dues they are sentenced to life with love or a life with regret. 


    I find that those who have a life with regret begin to cry and in cursing they lose their control and spit at God, the judge.  I watch our men and women cry in the courtroom crying and gnashing of teeth, spitting hatred against the judge as the law enforcers drag their lives to a prison cell.  In custody they must live a life sentence of content.  They miss the truth of why they are there.  They miss the opportunity to taste the fruits of the Spirit of love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, self-control and generosity.  They ache in the bones because they are given a heavy yoke to carry.  They miss their life watching their love ones praying, pleading and begging them not to rape, kill or harm others.  They watch how they ignored the children crying for mercy.  They watch how they were able not to feel the poor working long hours with out praise and health care.  They found excuses every day to ignore them hard labors on the weak and those who could not find the strength to pay their taxes.


    These men, women and children felt the gnashing of teeth, and in anger they cried because they missed the signs of suffering and oppression they cast on their neighbors.  They yell at God why you can’t see my innocence.  Their families watch them in compassion begging God to have mercy.  The son of God stands and pleads their case for mercy and accuses them for not knowing what they have done.  But the father sadly turns away because they cursed Christ his son and cursed his Holy Spirit, and walked away from the opportunity as priceless and free as this to receive the belief of God through his Son to plead for their case.  They had walked away because they laughed at the thought that they would need such a token of everlasting life for their science and education taught them that life after death was nothing more than a fairy tale for children to deal with their night terrors and the monsters in their sleep.  These were baby lullabies and they missed the opportunity to read the report that this day would come.  In tears, all creation cried for those who had to walk away, carried off by the law enforcers of love to be sentenced for eternal life to their prison cells of fire, the refinement of love, to listen, hear and watch all of their sins that will not be forgiven because they never asked or repented.  Now they must live with their own conscious and in their conscious live with the emotional health to feel all the pain they cast on others. 


    They must bare all the sins of every soul they tortured.  They must relive their victims’ rape and killing, and forever haunted by the grief, pain and suffering all oppression they caused to the earth, creation and God, they must survive their own wrath.  They must survive and only love will prevail in them, and in that journey they must travel alone, and in the end they will not die for the Lord’s word in them will save them, after the journey is complete, they will come home, but they will be burned first, and after serving their life sentence, they will know that God is their God, and in their love, they will be restored, but after it is all done.  They must enter the oven of love; the fire of their own actions must brand them, and mark them forever.  Will they come home?  Time will tell. 


    In Judges, as I meditate on the life of Samson, I find that all judges must live their own sins and selfishness, but in the end, their love prevails.  The love that lives within will not fail, but it must clean and break through the hard walls that keep us in bondage.  The work of love is like the verse, be still and be quiet and knows that I am God of Love.  No man shall break this bond not even him who created the law.


    I watch Samson complete his task, and as God completes his task, every knee and tongue will bow all in their own time, but all will be changed and wickedness and evil will pass away with death as though it was nothing more than a day at work.