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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Ruth

  • Reflections of Ruth


    As I take a walk on the beach, this cold winter week.  I find myself looking at the ocean.  She is so amazing.  In all of her vastness, she moves gracefully.  Her hips shake and the earth rumbles.  She carry over 7 billion creatures in her country.  She feeds over 20 billion species and organisms that she still remains calm, cool and collective.  No matter how angry she is with all the pollutants, she never stands up to destroy, but to yield herself to the laws of love, the ocean sings worship and praise to her God, the creator for life, and she knows that love never fails.  And in her heart, she cries Abba.  She finds her mother in heaven, peacefully teach and comforts her with the promise that love never fails, just be still and be quiet, do not roar, do not scare the creatures, but let them live.


    The ocean lays and waits, while she lie on her couch, she watches our television and watch humanity run wild, some for love and some for hate, but she watches them as though puppies in and out of her house.  As I meditate, smell the clean air what is left of her, the wind speaks to my body and soul that she would not harm me or hurt me in any way, but she will help me, guide me and in her cool breeze, she is looking for somebody to listen to her.  I am here.  I remember Ruth as I look at these giant beings placed on earth, and in earth.  I realize I have allowed my mind to receive their presence whether it is a figment of my imagination; they speak in their tongues their truth of life.  I watch the trees praise God, worship God, and as I watch the cold breeze move pass me, the wind, and the ocean move slowly, gracefully not to disturb the peace in earth, I felt the land rumble without murmur.  I knew that as a team, the four elements of earth, spirits and their citizens make wise decisions slow to wrath, and trust in their mother, the Comforter to comfort their heart for humanity is not listening. 


    I watch as I see these giant beings bend down to me, touching my lips to be silence, and watch.  I watch and observe them like Ruth.  I see them as Naomi taking care of their little ones, and keeping up with the destructive behavior of the species around them.  I see them chat with the universe, the stars, in all the terrestrial beings; they open their eyes as though I had awakened them from their sleep.  They pierce my heart, examine my soul, and found foul play, and warned me to clean my house.  I cry because I am weak, and I love pleasure too much to walk away.  They shake off the dust on their feet and hands, and minister to me, and feed me with their wisdom that pleasures of destructiveness is nothing more than playing in dirt.  But, the joys of dirt, they warn me that if I love dirt more than treasures of heaven, I will be in regret when the delicacies of heaven come, and I miss out.


    I heed to their warning, and I reply like Ruth, where ever you go, I will go.  Where ever you lay your head I will lay my head.  I will worship your God, and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will be my God, and when I die, I want to lie with your God and forever live as long as they live.  They laugh with me, as though, as a babe playing in the sandbox, they say you ask big things child.  Go and finish your race, and remember us.  I say, I will not leave you, please do not tempt me.  The air begins to get colder, and my body cries as though she will begin to die.  The ocean was too deep as though she was trying to swallow me up.  I could not survive their lifestyle, and I cried.  Why are you trying to destroy me?  They replied, “We are not destroying you.”  We are sending you off to your place; you have a position, and learn to live in your election.  We are here, and will guide you, but you may not live where we live.  The earth sent fire, and she made me warm, and sent me off to leave her alone.  She touched my face, and I was marked as a dark child from her torch.  She brands me as her begotten.  I survived her burn.  She moved me forward, and sent me a mate, and she began to praise the Lord, worshipped her God, and they loved us.  They told me, to go run along and play, and wait for your season, for you will understand all these uttering, but today, does your first day know we are alive and immortality and infinity is among you.  We are just observing you as spectators watching you grow up.  We will be okay; we are going to be like angels assisting you through your journey, but in the meantime, we have work to do and you as well.  Now go, drink and be merry for tomorrow, you will fast in the day and age of destruction, and you must be prepared.  Go Study and show yourself approved by God or fail in hate.  Love must never fail, so build your empire around love.  Oprah left Naomi, and I felt as though I was not Ruth that day, for I had to leave.  They had the upper hand, and I felt like a wimp, as though an angel touched me, and I could not win over their strength, but I needed to live, and they would have consumed me to death if they had allowed me to live in them.  I was not ready to receive them as they are naked.  I needed a new garment to withstand their power. 


    At least wisdom and understand covered me, and so I walked away knowing there will be another day that I will present myself to the terrestrials of God.  What did I learn from this lesion that it is not time to live with the beings above people, but the beings equal to us and below us, must be loved as we love those beings above us.  It is in our strength to care for them all as God gives us the courage to love them all.

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    Deleted Member Man is not finding Love because he is not Connected to Love. If not there is no care.
    Care is an essential part of Love. Love takes care of every detail of everything that which is created. As we are created as which all is created, none which is of ...  more
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    Deleted Member thank you for the comment, all is equal, and all i feel is connected to the Lord...of course the imperfections of people, i included could not have a perfect speech, but in our journey of love we can have a masterpiece of love by the efforts of designing ...  more
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