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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of 1Samuel


    Reflections of 1 Samuel


    As I take on this bible journey, I find my meditations more enriched and empowered by the thoughts of hope, faith and love that love never fails.  I find that love is peace, joy, goodness, gentleness, self-control and endurance.  It is love, and it never fails even if we perceive that our understanding, knowledge, and though we are trained to lean on our own understanding, it is evidence that we learn not to trust love in all its complexities that it never fails, so we walk away ship wrecked believing that love forgotten us and left us behind.  She is nothing more than a fleeting drive that passes away if you let some share their own story, love seems to be impatient, unkind and punishment is severe and laws are burdensome of restrictions and boring maybe even dead affections, but love for some is another ball game of joy, happiness, cheer, and a march forward toward bigger and better opportunities from desolation to paradise, back again, but the companionship, journey and fellowship engines and flames the passion of cleaving and unity that proves that love never fails, so who’s love is real love, eternal love? Have we touched, tasted and lived this eternal love, and if so, is it forever, and do we smell her breath daily in bed when we sleep in pain, suffering, diseases, trauma, and sorts?


    As long as she keeps us warm, love is among us all.  She is not weak, she is flexible, yet stern, but shows mercy when forgiveness arrives.  She never fails, the Comforter of God, the Holy Spirit must never be blasphemed for her love will swallow us whole.  She will blow our minds away, but those who persecute her, try to enslave her, will taste her lover’s wrath, for he is a jealous God, one who loves his wife, and she will not be mocked.  She is lovely and those who have sucked on her bosoms, those who have been birthed in her blood channels will live forever.  There is nothing called death in her.  She is the resurrection of Christ.  She is the lady who comforts Mary.  She is the woman who spoke to the fallen.  She is the lady that whispers in the ears of all who needed a dose of love.  She came faithfully.  When the babies cry, she came and allowed them to suck.  She was the carrier of the unborn who died at the scrapings of medical practitioners.  She was the one who changed those fates of the rejected, neglected, and cast out.  She will be death’s healer.  She will be the murderers’ heart changer.  She will be the rapist transformer.  She is the seduction of eternal life that moves people to desire for her.  She is not failure.  She is not temporal.  She is not terminated.  Nor does she fear anyone because she loves everyone.


    As I reflect in Samuel, the first series of Samuel, I found Samuel drop at her feet.  Giving her kisses of forgiveness that we may find healing, I yield to her kisses.  He was moved by her existence for she called him to be the first and last of the judges that will elect a king for earth.  She allowed Samuel to elect earth’s first eternal king.  His name was David.  Some believe he died, and others believed he was resurrected, him and his kingdom, but only time will tell.  I look into my spirit eyes, and I find that she was hovering over the waters.  She was hovering over Samuel, and in a deep hug, her wings changed his mind.  He began to anoint David’s oldest brother from his own understanding, but she touched his heart, mind and soul, and he saw love.  He bowed to the ground and cried.  He saw David’s heart, sweet, gentle and loving, and cried because he saw God in David.  Love cast her anointing on Samuel, and he felt her love.  David’s life was revealed to Samuel, and in one moment he felt his pain and his victory that loving her was all he knew, and that love made him never fail.  He would be the right person to be anointed as King for the universe.  He would demonstrate the type of love that would never fail.  In his madness, Samuel cuddled David before he died, his friendship meant everything because love knows no boundaries, and in Jonathan David tasted true love everlasting.  In Bathsheba, he tasted love everlasting.  Finally in his entire kingdom only David was able to dwell at the feet of the Comforter, for his mind knelt in her presence, and she was his lady who guided him, comforted him, and in screeching fear, he stayed close to her as she was his eternal mother.  His mother had died at a young age, and his brothers knew of his mother, but he was adopted by the Comforter, and all he knew was of her.  In his mind, she raised him, and in the sheepfold, he only knew of her strength.  In all her ways, she taught David to love.  Samuel saw this vision, and bowed, anointed, and yielded his life to protect David as his own son.  He was David’s overseer until the last day on earth, Samuel was touched by God’s love, and David was his anointed.


    In my own life, I taste these visions from my meditations.  As a child, I read these scriptures to take me to this promise land of healing, restoration and redemption.  As I leave my meditation sessions, I leave with the spirit and fruit of God’s love.  It is evidence that I am not without sin, and selfishness, but I learn how to multiply my love and cast out my hate and anger, so that I may not sin against God.  In that, my neighbors will feel my love, and no matter where I am, the presence of Love will never fail.  In her liberty, I find liberation.  In her love, I find eternal love.  In her joy, I find eternal joy.  Lastly in her salvation, I find her son at the cross, giving his life and so I give mine, to loving her and her husband, my adopted family in heaven will never fail because paradise is on the rise in us.