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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of 1Kings


    Reflections of 1Kings


    Where art thou kings?  In the journey walking through in the spirit, I find that in my own meditation and reflection I wonder why people need leaders.  It is somewhat hypocritical to have leaders who make the same mistakes as everyone else.  It is the same mistake to set one man up against another man.  The only way liberation can exist for all men, women and children to knowing and living a life of equality. 


    In order for this to affect people need to re-examine what is the authority of men, women and children as leaders.  The ideas of the ancient has influenced us, therefore, we have not had the chance to question its integrity and goals of the intent of those who are leaders.  I am not questioning why we need organization and stewardship, but I am questioning in my mind why life full of leaders that are equal to their followers is.  So, what is the need for titles?  What is the need for the positions?


    I sit here in my meditation to find that if we as a people aren’t given the freedoms to critically think then we aren’t going to find the solutions to our perils of the world.  It is in our team effort to work together as equals by giving up the hierarchies of life.  It is within our power to change our world by working together in partnerships, buddy systems that show favor for equality and duality.  The mutuality is going to be our next generation concept of love, life and beauty.  Our capitalist society and culture will not be able to endure these ages without changing the role of hierarchies.  Flipping the scales toward partnerships of equality rather head and the tail, people must not move backward in their thinking because our present age depends on our collective sub consciousness.


    In the book of Kings we find that the order of kings began the peril of war.  It is in my mind that stewardship can happen in the gathering of a fellowship and township hall.  It is in my mind everyone can participate in the leadership roles of governing and choices of order, but it will take each person to stand firm in the critical process of making their voice count.  We live in a dangerous time, but also an erotic time of change, growth and maturity in cooperation, collaboration and partnership that may birth equality and liberation within our generation.