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Keisha Merchant

Reflections of Ezra


    Reflections of Ezra


    How do we build character? How do we build our lives?  How do we build the opportunities to live forever?  In each waking moment, humanity has been known to struggle through these very questions.  We have as a culture dived into the pursuit of living forever, or should I say defeat aging, pain and disease or destruction of our souls.  It is somewhat a mystery that our lives are centered on beating the speed of time for our own lives.  The way I have chosen to meet the needs of my meditation this day is to focus on the book of Ezra in that he was given the desire to build God’s temple. 


    How are we to use these scriptures in an effective way that can cause us to excel higher with these scriptures as an inspiration to empower our lives daily?  I have chosen Ezra to begin the foundation work of building structures on solid ground.  He was not a man of esteem or power but a man of understanding and wisdom that the King was able to entrust him with the rebuilding of God’s temple.  It was a hardship on Ezra to be chosen to build such a great complex.  Ezra was not an architect or skillful mason.  Ezra was just a priest, scribe of the Law.


    This position role of leading of the project was somewhat unusual.  In our day and age our companies and employers would not choose people outside of their fields to do important roles as of an expert in that field.  In many ways, our culture chooses experts in the field to lead projects of what they are already familiar with.  In the scriptures I learn that sometimes projects were given to individuals based on the heart, insight and integrity of their lifestyle and compassion which produces excellence in their signature composition of artistry and design.  I suppose we have much to learn in how we choose leaders, and management.  Mostly I am meditating in my own life in how I choose my inner circle of partnerships and connections.  I search people’s lives in their integrity and spirit of determination, creativity, resourcefulness and love for one another.  In the end of the day, fellowship, problem solvers that manage people with love, and finally the integrity to endure through difficult moments will be the new generation of strength, courage and spiritual fitness in our coming years of hope, faith and love.


    What can I say, but that sometimes giving individuals a chance to cross train with their skills are more important than allowing people to sleep in complacent with their expertise.


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  • Jeff Austin
    Jeff Austin Food for thought. Thank you for your reflections.

    Blessings and blessed be
    Rev Jeff
    January 5, 2010