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Keisha Merchant

Commercial Sex Work/Global Market


    I have come to the conclusions that commercial sex work needs reform in our social and civic laws because who pays for women to be just women? Men have that opportunity, and women are not given that privilege or power to equally progress financially in their own strengths sexually as men are given free access to.
                    As I look in the crystal ball of social role constructs, I realize that women had to sell the bodies sexually to make ends meet. I understand now more than ever the oppression of women in the male dominated role in this social system of the states and abroad. I gently suggest that women find solace in their journey to overcome the fear to face their oppression. It is only fear that we as women would overcome our own oppression, and then what? Commercial Sex work is dangerous due to some men violent tempers, struggle with women progress in power and privilege of resources and stability of structural support with allies and ideologies that are created by women. It is in my mind that women are in the global market to give back to their children, their own reflections of what equality means to them. In their effort to work, play and find safety for the day, women are finding themselves breaking bread, drinking wine, and finding their mates that support their lifestyles of choice and not obligation. It is in my crystal ball, that the forecast with God, through his Son Jesus Christ, women are free to worship, live and be free under the umbrella of equality and liberation. Within that grace, women choose commercial Sex work to bridge the gap to men humiliation to men empowerment. It is the ways of women to find themselves moving forward in power and privilege in the mind of intimacy and strength.
                    It is in my mind that women should not be ashamed of their personal journey, though they may be cast out by the media for their struggle for liberation, they will find health, medical attention, and finally the end of violence against their bodies, souls and spirits. They will find the paradise that they will call home, and the men that are able to be feminist will join them as allies to end the war, heal the disease in us, and finally create systems that will change poverty and oppression into liberation and access to resources for all. In my mind, violence will come to an end when a feminist woman is able to accept her position in this world as a liberator of those in captivity. In my crystal ball there is more to life than religion, science and education, it is the global market of people in bondage, the bondage of poverty, lack of health care, high mortality rate, and their needs ignored due to a domination that so long have put a price on life, health, and wellness. 
                    In my crystal ball, education is not enough when it teaches inequality. In my mind, the woman who sells her body for a price is what she has learned in the education system of paying her bills, paying for her water, paying for her air, and finally paying for the bed she will sleep in when a man is not able to keep his self control, discipline enough to keep his hands and feet to himself. In my mind any weapon used against her, will be used for her in the end. Those men and women who are working against women’s liberation will find that it is not sex work that keeps women under the thumbs of oppression, but men who aren’t educated by a feminist society.