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The Masters' Table


    I needed a time away from transformation to give a reflection of transcending from one plane to the next...safe journeys!

    The Masters’ Table

    A Gendered Base Education


                What is language?  What is knowledge?  How can we make education accessible?  As a post modern analysis on education, poverty and economic growth; language is keeping society and cultures unable to progress as unified nations.  Communication has allowed knowledge, information and education process productivity and increase wealth.

                Unfortunately knowledge is not accessible into a universal language that creates equality and equal distribution for diversity due to the fundamental skeletons of dominance and power within its framework.  Of course, the critical notion of knowledge is argued by the Freud and Lacan methods of phallacy.  It is within the masculinity that education is taught to be approved, and so our education system has been born.  It has been proven that the economy is run by the femininity of process.  If that is the case in a critical aspect, does that mean femininity is weaker than masculinity since our global economy is fallen to war and terrorism or some would say slavery and disease?  These two elements are ignored when creating the agendas for education and management of education which I call the gatekeepers, the educators against diversity and pluralistic society that create a feminine role model of creating and birthing new dimensions of “Truth.”

                The masculine role of knowledge is needed in an education system that demonstrates the need to drive identities into derision based on ethnic and gender cleansing? Is that true?  Do we need as a culture for a masculine identity to lead, and so do we as a global community needs women to be silenced?  These are the challenges we face in the 21st century of society and culture.  Unless we delve into these issues, we are going to miss the transformation and transcending of unconsciousness collectiveness as a whole that will ultimately create diversity and approval of diversity.  This opportunity will be afforded to us only if we are able to challenge our minds to self-examine the “Truth” and where we should go in this truth.   Until we are able as a society and cultures to reconstruct our frame work, design and architecture of knowledge within poverty, economy, war, and education, mortality will increase.  Humanity will become the next endangered species.  Immortality will never come.  But it is within scriptures that the next chapter is immortality.  So therefore, this is a perspective that states change must come.  As a woman in labor to birth a child, immortality, infinity must labor to birth immortality within us all.

                So the notion that we become endangered and terminated is a falsehood and a wish list that will not come, but can we come close to it?  Yes, so what do I mean by gendered education?  Most education is taught through the eyes of masculinity perspective.  Therefore, the role of men has changed.  Men are not the providers of the family only.  Men are not working the land by sweat and blood only.  Most of our capitalism societies are operated by women, children and the poor are the consumers.  Men do not consume mass products according to our education (not mine).  Therefore in order for economy to work, we must be consumers and recyclers all at the same time.  Our system must be able to regenerate its goods without destroying the earth.  The process of refining and restoring yet recycling is a must in order for our civilization to continue to bring upon mass production.  What am I trying to say? 

                These factors mean that our education is either worn out, deteriorated or is no longer qualified for what is needed in this generation of diversity.  Does this mean we must start over, of course not; we are able to build on new grounds.  Therefore we will have a two parent household.  The two parent household should have equality of duality and mutuality, but if we begin to create these double roles, we will find that unless we do away with superiority and dominance, we will continue to compete for the role.  Therefore, the education system will continue to breed predators, or defective division and segregation developing poisonous antidote to eliminate the opposites.  This is not healthy.  Unless we find a way to co-existence, we will always have us against them, a divided house.  For those who are spiritual, the master’s house is not a division in the kingdom of God because God house should not be divided.  We are taught that the bible God is in war with his own species, children that rebelled.  This is a masculine perspective.  Women did not write these scriptures therefore, the view point is seen on the left side.  Should I speak into the scriptures, I would show a different perspective of knowing.  This education of knowing is the feminine role of understanding the unconsciousness of information.  The ability for God to go beyond the normal thought is what this scripture is saying about transformation not division.  Did the kingdom become divided, and then God would have been destroyed.  Therefore, this is education though a female perspective.  Otherwise, truth would be destroyed as God is destroyed, and so we all become destroyed, and life is dead.

                Do you see the masculinity of that truth?  Do you see the difference of the femininity of that truth?  Same scripture different perspectives and that is how diversity is birth.  Division of that diversity will not allow new creation to be born.  In the academia study, the process of degrees begins in competition, and economy is similar competition rules out multiplication.  It is a subtraction rather an addition, so we all become the problem over time.  Education is one tool of many tools to formulate the use of communication that transpires as a language that cannot be decoded.  For instance, in the proper techniques of English language, within the authority of an accredited university, we find the discipline of compound words used to express simple terminology.  Those who cannot speak in these compound words, adjectives, adverbs, and so forth, are rejected or denied access to resources.  Do you see how dominance and superiority plays a role in our own division and destruction or mathematicians would say subtraction to our equation of going against of our own productivity to live within the time frame of infinity?

                Can I challenge the notion that immortality and infinity is within the equation of multiplication and addition rather subtraction?  Does that mean that scripture of masculinity of suggested “truth” that if we are divided we will fail?  In addition to the accessibility rate this is slow because most societies fail or drop out trying to obtain an education dictated by a masculinity perspective that if we are divided we will fall.  Within education and its institution of education likewise many institutions built on masculine perspectives of dominance and superiority, we find a truth in the nugget of gold that what is strong is needed, but how much should we be broken before we can truly start building “up?”  We have spent too many years “broken?” 

                What does that mean to us as a whole?  As a capitalist society filled with governments, people, we must question the ethics and values of woman and girls as equals to boys and men.  More as masculinity and femininity, so what entails an education system and institution that segregates graduates from undergraduates and finally poverty with the wealthy?  I would like to argue that safety and security is also discussed within the gatekeepers of methodology of war and violence.  The bottom line directs us back to Jung’s argument with Einstein’s contemplation that I would like to correlate as Judith Butler in Post modernism, what is the cost for a gender constitution?

                In the analysis of vocabulary using Post modernalism what words are accessible to the masses?  And what does that matter?  Must we count the cost when building a house?  The structure of the house will fall if not built on solid ground?  Therefore, I ask you what we have built our linguistics expressions on.  Artistically, what is the word count of regulation and precision?  The masculine role of knowledge is our education system due to one parent household?  What happens to the theory that it takes a village to raise a child?  In education what demonstrates the need to drive identities into derision based on ethnic and gender cleansing?  Who profits in the end of being the last one standing, as the winner takes all?

                Until we are able as a society and culture(s) reconstruct our frame work, design and architecture of knowledge within poverty, economy, education, mortality, capitalism, wealth, and finally uneducated, we will all die, so what is the proper goal for the strongest is the fittest and therefore survives them all?   WE will not need to claim humanity as an endangered species among the new creation around us because we will be nothing more than a speck in the master’s house or the last dirt in God’s eye in need of taking out.  Is this the education we are spending our whole lives willing to die on?  Is this the war and terrorism that we are willing to send our children to battle for?  Is this the pride that we call liberty and justice for them all?  What is this education we are spreading we call life, love and liberty?

                Let me be Maslow in his hierarchy of Needs, do we self-examine, and then we have arrived to this one truth.  What does that mean to us as a whole?  Critically speaking, I would have to argue the “Truth” that our education is the knowledge that is powered against us all.  It is the reflection of our economy, justice system, legal system, government system and ultimately the end system and results the grave yards.  I can calculate the value of our knowledge by the numbers we lay to sleep.  Our knowledge, is it killing us all?  No one has been able to historically record the age of the stars or the trees, as humanity, we have become equal to our falsehood the education, the knowledge we have spread among us all.  Now the last standing has died many times, so no one stands, we all are anew.  All under the age of 200, we can honestly say, immortality and infinity has skipped us all.  We write our greatest education degree and certificate called death, and that certificate we have all paid our dues.  Our knowledge what we have believed, think and spoken in our lives created what we known as a culture understand in the level of hierarchy, death, the first level of time.  When will graduate from it, and finally move into life.   As some spiritualist, Christians, Buddhist, Muslims, and the list goes on would say, when will time birth us into life for we are dead, thinking we are alive.

                In order for us to create a new “Truth” the institutions must bare the footprints of the invisible which is women and children’s safety, security, health care and education rights to learn to communicate with a language they too can learn, understand and apply as their own.  Diversity must breed diversity and safety.  In order for us to move into life, we must first begin to build safe passages for those who are oppress and those who are in poverty, for in scripture the riddles of times through a masculine perspective, it is only half done.  The other half is the femininity and she is my perspective, and her “Truth” must stand along side as a partner, equal, not heterosexual, but life component of safety, secure to exist as a being equal as all beings.  I suppose with this analysis, salvation makes sense, new world governments logically and faith in infinity becomes a secularization knowledge of science and art that bridges the gaps to all lifestyles, personalities, orientations and languages.  This is constructing a new performance of identity and economy in the 21st century formulating from a concept that a gendered base education of yesterday is not enough to meet the growing needs of nations unified.  Layman terms, women terminology, and hopefully diversity:  If you speak in a tongue everyone cannot understand it is useless and show itself s useless to you and all.  In the end, an infinity formula will have to be through the masses and it takes the masses to build peace, a nonviolent diplomacy, which are safety, security and health for us all freely.  AS it takes a village to raise a child, it will take all villages to raise a “Truth” that will lead to Christ’s eternity, the paradise that was promised to us all.  Life will breed life, and death will breed death.  Let us choose life.  Safe journeys!


    Disclaimer:  Very proactive illustration, must we go there?  Thought provoking evidences that will prove the least is the greatest and the greatest can be the least, dividing factor of the truth is that we must understand both sides of the fence to walk equally into diversity and unity.  We must have discernment of hot and cold to choose hot or cold, but the use of hot and cold is being skillful and equally unifying both as the greater good.


    We need God and all beings to create life.  It is not a “one” strong man’s job.  Diseases are the evidence from God that you cannot judge a book by its cover.  We all have a role to play.  We are finding ourselves fighting disease, as if we were fighting kings of superiority and dominance in power, giants, but these small bacteria, viruses, living organisms are equal to them all.  Do not judge unless ye should be judged in femininity terminology, do not test the power of time that separates us from life and death, we can all be destroyed equally, from the greatest to the smallest.  It is within our classroom of study to show ourselves approved, that we will face the ultimate challenge of unity, the fact and “truth” we need everyone to build God’s kingdom, immortality, infinity, and paradise, environmental wealth multiplied within us all.


    Eternally progression one step, one breath, one day and one love at a time...baby steps that is...