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Keisha Merchant

Eternal Death? What is that?


    Eternal Death


    (Matt. 25:46; Mark 3:29; Heb. 6:2; 2 Thess. 1:9; Matt. 18:8; 25:41; Jude 7).

    (1 Tim. 1:17; Rom. 1:20; 16:26); (Rev. 1:18); (Heb. 9:14); (Matt. 25:46; Jude 6). (Mark 9:45, 46), (Luke 3:17), (Rev. 9:1), (Rev. 20:14) (Heb. 10:26, 27).


    What is eternal death?  We have interpreted the scriptures according to the “state” of mind, heart, and soul of our existence, progress and development of life.  It is in my mind to question the interpretations of the scriptures due to the hearts of men.  It is in our conditions that the “blind” lead the “blind” in fact, that the “blind” has been an oppressed society that we need to recognize the state of our mind.  As a culture and society, if we are to use the scriptures as a “knowledge” that should qualify us to use for life then we need to interpret the scriptures acceptable to God, or the understanding thereof in the lightness of the universe.  The ancient of ages could not tap in the understanding of God, and then we come along and use the scriptures as we see fit, and wonder why the world is still in peril 90 percent of the time.


    But, the evidence of the matter that the world will not always be in peril because the scriptures give knowledge to the future events of the transformation and evolution of society and culture in the knowledge of God, I think that we all are pupils of the universe.  We are not recruits to universe only, but to the eternal life that is given to us freely by those that we may not know personally.  I think that we can understand the scriptures as our hearts, mind and soul/spirit evolve from “flesh” or some may call, “mortal” to “immortal” or “bodily temples” we have so many terminologies of these languages of how we translate and interpret the scriptures, who are the righteous ones to handle the truth of God?


    In the heart, silence and purity of God, what is pure of mind and heart?  Buddhist meditates, Hindus pray and Christians or Muslims worship, but the bottom line is what is eternal death?  It is not the season or half time in a basketball game.  Life is not a game or sport, but it is a season.  What season do we understand about eternal death?  If the scriptures speak about eternal punishment, then does that mean eternally oppressed?  What the understanding is of eternally oppressed?  What kind of God of the universe can give verdict to eternal damnation?  Why do we preach fire and brimstone, and be proud of our calling to shun some?  Is it a corrupted heart to cast out your brother and sister, and feel honored that one is not cast out?  What type of heart that curses one brother and love another?  How do we have the right to understand the “riddles” of excellence, if our own bodies, minds, hearts, can not gravitate to the purity of blessings for all first? 


    It is in my sadness to report that we have leaders of world and in religion that gloat for the call to shame others, and keep their esteem as integrity.  It is in my heart that we all watch and pray over our own actions and attitudes about the dead and the living.  It is as the parable to every story that the moral of life is not who you know, but who you are in your secret corners of your life.  In the public and private life, what goes on in your mind, heart and soul?  It is evident that the scriptures reflect as a mirror our own heart.  We read what we truly see in our hearts.  If you see war in the scriptures, you are war.  If you see violence in the scriptures you are violent.  If you see Love in the scriptures, you are love.  Most hate criminals saw God showing them to kill in the scriptures, so they killed.  Some atheist saw No God in the scriptures, so they stop believing in God.  The list goes on… The mirror of the heart is the markings of your confession and actions of your life.  The evidence in the end is the record you become.  Our lives are those records of who we truly are.  I think we have the right and freedom to live as we choose.  How can those who are oppressed, preyed on and snatched out of life, taken by those who take heaven by force, vulnerable to violence.  Their heart is so convicted to lay their life in resistance to the fact that protecting themselves would mean to be violent.  The evidence that their heart, mind and soul keep them from violence shows their courage and strength to overcome being violent.  This is a stronger life because the resistance to overcome the desire to use force, violence to find victory of their desire to survive shows that God is with them.  Though they die, they live because they found true life.  The life is that transcends all death or formulas of death.



    What is this all mean?  The opportunity to live a life of nonviolence is the ultimate salvation that any one person can have.  It is the wealth that very few of us claim to have.  It is the evidence that the heart and mind is pure, and the deeds to the house truly belong to the keeper of the souls.  As a guardian of the universe, the price to pay and the greatest price to pay are to live a life that exceeds all life.  It is evident that eternal death is not a place, it is a position in life, in the depth of the heart, mind and soul that cannot be reached by anyone and not even God.  The ultimate life that is taken from a person when they have the taste for violence goes against the whole design of life, giving life.  In the heart, mind and soul of one who choose to be violent becomes an enemy of life because they do not desire to protect life in their mind, heart, and soul.  Therefore the word is not hidden in their heart because they have walked away from the word of life.


    What can we gain as pupils of life and the universe? To be continued...