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Keisha Merchant

Eternal Death? What is redemption?


    In 1937 Jung said of Hitler less than critically: "He is a medium, German policy is not made; it is revealed through Hitler. He is the mouthpiece of the Gods of old... He is the Sybil, the Delphic oracle" (see Jung in Contexts, ed. by Paul Bishop, 1999) www.kirjasto.sci.fi/cjung.htm


    "The fact that artistic, scientific, and religious propensities still slumber peacefully together in the small child, or that with primitives the beginnings of art, science, and religion coalesce in the undifferentiated chaos of the magical mentality, or that no trace of 'mind' can be found in the natural instincts of animals - all this does nothing to prove the existence of a unifying principle which alone would justify a reduction of the one to the other. For if we go so far back into the history of the mind that the distinctions between its various fields of activity become altogether invisible, we do not reach an underlying principle of their unity, but merely an earlier, undifferentiated state in which no separate activities yet exist. But the elementary state is not an explanatory principle that would allow us to draw conclusions as to the nature of the later, more highly developed states, even though they must necessarily derive from it. A scientific attitude will always tend to overlook the peculiar nature of these more differentiated states in favour of their causal derivation, and will endeavor to subordinate them to a general but more elementary principle."
                                                                                            - Carl Jung


    It is within my mind to continue this journey of eternal death.  What is eternal death?  In the spirit, we only have the scriptures to explain the existence outside of our own consciousness.  It is within thinkers have we become pupils finding the access to collective unconsciousness and consciousness.  It is within our right to explore the opportunities to understand life and life beyond.  We have to delve into why we die.  It is within the challenge of eternal death have we set up the notion that we must live as eternal oppress by the chaos and darkness of our own beings.  Who are we to judge those who prey and have appetites for death and those that commit crime?  The practice and performance to kill and be violent is nothing but a practice, repetitive action that started as a mustard seed that came to us through a technique demonstrated before us, passed to those who choose to carry the burden.  We become slaves to the practices and actions we keep and entertain.  It is said in the scriptures to “captivate” thoughts that are not kind, loving, gentle…do  not entertain and watch them in your mind or heart, replace them with these attributes.  It is a discipline to stop the tapes, and put new tapes in.

    Some of us will not stop the mental tapes, but we continue to allow them to play like dreams in our minds and these “mental tapes” become embedded in our heart(s) creating “the behavior and attitude” the appetite to command our bodies to perform and participate in lifestyles that harm ourselves and others.  It is evident that the psychoanalysis of these thinkers in the institutions has learned that behavior, attitudes and actions are linked and rooted to the practice and repetition of “mental tapes.”  But where did these mental tapes come from?

    In the statement of the “spirit” of gods, these thinkers performed practices that came to them from “dreams.”  In the scriptures, Moses spoke about talking to God through dreams, and then he was able to talk to God face to face, in plain words and not through visions.  Most people were given “dreams” what are these dreams, and how did these dreams come about to give and drive humanity in their “mental tapes” that they become possess by their addictions to manifests these “dreams” into reality.  We have entertained these questions to understand the motives and intentions of humanity.  In society and culture, we have all performed actions and practices around “knowledge” some may call it education, beliefs and or science, technology, but the “thought” became manifestations of reality from a vision, dream that came into being, where?


    Some people give themselves credit of such “genius” evidences of thought complications of creating masterpieces of “imagination” and creativity, but only as mediums, some would be questioned from ancient of days, the wisdoms of the old, that would recognize different “gods” feeding and coaching people into doing their own biddings.  Some would call this hogwash, since we are civilized.  But are we truly come to the being of diplomat and civilized when war is a practice killing billions of people globally.  Our practice of meat production is on the rise.  The slaughter houses are filled with corpse of all species.  The abortion rates are high of fetuses and the list goes on.  The violence against women and children has become the number one commodity for trafficking for labor, abuse and sex work.  It is evident that in the intentions of these organizations, agencies, and sophisticated processes and systems, the bottom line has come to the same calculations of the wise men and women who could read the stars.  They would give the same verdict they have from the beginning as a child reading a story book or fairy tale that we are not free agents.  We are slaves to agencies higher than this “state” that we beastly announce independency of “consciousness.”


    Let us leave with the sentiments of serenity and solace that scriptures are not just for the “gods” but the “God” as well.  It is in our right that we have in this “state” of consciousness and Collective Unconsciousness to eat the fruit from the “tree of life” or the “tree of good and evil,” We still have that opportunity to walk in the spirit or walk in the flesh, and finally, we can still choose life or death, as we practice violence or walk away from it.  It is within our own “mental tapes” that we entertain the theories of gentleness, kindness, joy, love and goodness, which boils down to self-control, disciplining the entertainments we keep in the mind, heart and soul/spirit, as well as the opposite of giving ourselves over to the “appetites” of behavior and attitudes to practice repetitively the disciplines of the flesh, to be violent, killing others with our thoughts, words, and hands that lead us to the slaughter houses that are built to continue the practices that we so invested in as part of a “civilized” way of living, legal breeding and entrusted inheritance that we call diplomacy of peace.  It is already that the scriptures are unfolding that the righteous will become more righteous and with wicked will become more wicked.  The question is that the wicked be converted, and the righteous endure to meet in the end as a loving gesture and expression of redemption and salvation for all that come this way.


    What way?  The evidence of “dreams” begin with the seeds of “mental tapes” that we feed, but who has the opportunity to hear, see and think dreams of love, joy, kindness and breathe a life without violence and the witness thereof.  If that is the case, what is going to happen to the innocent by stander that must carry their cross of all the witnesses and testimonies of saturated by the “mental tapes” of evidences of death, violence and oppression, are they forever doomed to be a slave to the “gods” that keep them outside the gates of loving each other?


    One day the chains must be broken, minds must come back home to the state of loving one another without picking up the swords to violent force blood shed, and finally, the hearts to break bread with one another sharing one another the generosities of caring ethics that brings freedom using the truth of the value to live and to give others life by keeping your hands, feet, and thoughts reformed to goodness.  It is the greatest classroom to learn how to do “good” and what is good?  According to the scriptures, it is the opposite of what most slaves would say, the life they lead, the life of total destruction, or in that position of time, the life of “eternal death.”


    May we all pray that we are set free from “eternal death,” and when we do, what will we do with our freedom?  Let us not return to our own vomit, practicing violence when we have the free time to play.  Let us raise up grounds of paradises, share our wealth, give to those without, and finally lay our heads down in kindness and gentleness, whispers of the spirit, let us walk away from the thrills of our flesh to “dream” dreams of “violence.”