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Keisha Merchant

Carl Jung Studies


    An understanding heart is everything in a teacher, and cannot be esteemed highly enough. One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feeling. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.

        Carl Jung


    So I see there’s an interest in Carl Jung, and rightfully so…it is a great way to teach ourselves from others’ experiences and choices.  Carl Jung is an excellent teacher when it comes to delving into the “unknown” he is questioning the existence of the “unconscious” which we tend to ignore in our lives daily.  We do not ask ourselves what is going on behind the scenes of our consciousness.  Yet, we have many claim it not me doing it.  It is a question to ask if you do not do “insane” crime then who does.  In your right mind do we do the same crimes?  Or must we be in our deranged mind to commit a crime?  Do we must be in an insane state to be violent?  Do we must be in our “wrong” mind to commit acts against “our bodies and others?”  It is within the entertainment industry we must question where the thrill does and interest comes from to see violence depicted on big screen?  As the commodity for sex, “we must” entertain ourselves with crime and sex?


    It is within Carl Jung that he had studied the “deranged” mind.  As he studied Hitler, and those like him, he was questioning the sanity of the mind, and what is “sanity?”  It was not some formula and calculation of “behavior” as Freud showed as a father of psychological processing of neurosis but the “behavior” of the “unconscious” and what does that mean?  Are we two people?  Or two states?  Do we have one state warring against the other?  This would be somewhat confusing if it was two personalities, leaving it up to the Freudians.  The ideas of two states, complex the issue then why are their two existences in one being, are we saying God is three persons in one, and if that is the case, can we argue that the psychological process is that only method of three persons in one being?  How could that happen?  Is there any way chemicals can emerge in creating separate personalities in one body without the existence of the other?  It is not the concept of is there “legions” created in one body as a living organism function from the body, but personalities combining as a birthing baby that manifest itself for rightful heir to a body that is breeding personalities that share one body?  This is the notion that the Freud theorist would call the breakdown of the psyche mind, and the “mysteries” of the mind, the chemistries of what can happen in the evidence of potential “creativities of the mind’s imaginations,” but let us not stop there, do one actually live a life of “legions” and what do we call these presences that show up as separate, yet real and different, but functioning under the same host, body?


    Yes, sound so science fiction, and that is the birth of science fiction.  The creative writing of history and theory, that these thinkers have given us right passage for entertainment of their hard earned work that we expose as thrills of entertainment to play with our own realities of what if their theories and histories could play out as they spoke it.  What could possibly be in their minds to conjure up some theories and principles based on the “creativities and chemistries” of the mind.  The Carl Jung aspect of the unconscious goes a different direction the Freud.  He had to break away from Freud theories based on the idea of the unconsciousness and the theories of the spirit, since his father was a pastor.  He was convicted of the spirit and teachings of the spirit.  Whereas Freud abandoned the possibilities of the spirit, Carl Jung was intrigued on the ideas of the spirit, and what if the personalities weren’t some chemical imbalance that disturbed the functions of the body, but actual “information” that had been created by the “unconscious” mind.  Messages, and audio tapes that were handed by other “states” that accumulated by the auditory process of nonverbal communication that has embedded in the wall and templates of life.  It is so that life codes all information as a “state” leading to another “slate?”  Was the opportunity to read a scroll coded in the unconscious mind as a blue print to what could possibly be in a “dream” state that sends a “conscious” mind to tap into its “unconsciousness” to decode information that has been embedded over time and generated through the genetic coding of “witness” and “experience?” 


    Could the psychoanalysis be based off of scrambled information of the brain containing information scripted in coded languages not interpreted by the languages of the present mind?  Could our minds be that sophisticated that some are “stripped” and others are “blind sighted” by the possibilities of the mind’s reading information in languages and tongues that only spirit can interpret?  The dead casts information on other “states” in the unconsciousness?”  People’s motives and intentional thoughts generate as coded information in the “states” that the unconscious mind can relate to in a “spirit” conscious state?  Can we actually be in a “dream” state that gives language and interpretations to the unconsciousness information that can be recall by the filing away of systems and retrieving of the spirit?  But what is spirit if it does not exist?  What is the “state” of mind if it does not exist?  Freud and Jung battled these theories that the mind is accessible to the material world, but what if there is more than one material world that the expression of the mind cannot comprehend and is trying to understand information that blocks its understandings?


    This is one idea that can be related in the “teachers” of all beings that come with what a story, message, and experience that demonstrate the different “states” of reality, sanity and deranged consciousness that Freud would argue it is mere chemicals that need to be forcefully controlled by medical treatment, and so what happens if we are all altered by the chemicals man made?  What kind of information will we breech as a process of delving into new territories of chemical alterations of the mind?  It was always a mystery to Freud, yet the information created by altered “living organisms” can it produce new realities, that the psychological analysis leave themselves helplessly captive audience while the “unconscious” of the living state, send “information” embedding codes to one soul to the next, as corrupted scripts in a computer sending viruses by a code, can life consciousness and unconsciousness do the same process through chemicals as a form of language?


    It is in Carl Jung, that I can understand why my blogs are the most popular in delving into Carl Jung.  I will take the next week to chat about Carl Jung on many levels of his theories of the “Collective Unconsciousness” bare in mind since his father was a pastor, you have to understand his upbringing, to come up with his rejected theories of the “psychological process using the unconscious mind rather chemicals of imbalance.”  To entertain the thoughts, that the spirit is not just a personality, a reality, a state, a sanity, but the process to decode the embedded truths of nonverbal communications that has equipped humanity with the vulgarity of violence, and oppression, slavery in its fullest form, comes from a baby seed of what message, and the fruits of that truth.  That language, that tongue, and that coded “slate” makes what dreams are called nightmares, when shifted upside down.  It is within the thought process of the mysterious mind of humanity that we give way to chemicals by Freud that we must face the naked theories of thinkers who delve into the classroom of understanding truth beyond our years.