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Keisha Merchant

The New American Dream, "I have a Dream"


    The American Dream


    What has started the American Dream?  It was made for the family’s part of the conquest.  The constitution and independence was created to provide a “dream” for one family.  The one family at the time was the “families” that consist of those that settled in the conquest journey from Europe to take over the world.  As the “evil” or the error of this “family” the one common ground families stayed together on this one agenda, to conquer the world.  Now this family who started this “conquest” has died.  We have now had the opportunity to live in a generation that the family who started this “American Dream” dies.  The American Dream is dead because the families that created the dream have died.  So what do we do now?  Do we create a new dream?  We are living in an historic moment right now to create a new dream.  As the Martin Luther King Jr. families stated, we have a chance to create a new “conquest” and “dream” Do we want to rule the world? Of course not, we want to give life and life more abundantly.  As we are abolish the “peace diplomacies of war and violence.”  Let us ponder over what are we going to do as the new families of a new generation that has historically changed the world in one decade.

    In the American Dream, it was excluding “diversity, Native American sovereignty, land theft, bias laws, policies, poor people management, lack of education, so lack of information management, poor health care, poverty, disease infected, and a fragile democracy that created a platform for only a few.  It is still a republic democracy, and so the American dream must be revisited to see if we should replace our American Dream with the Martin Luther King Jr. families dream, it seems more appropriate for the new constitution to be an inclusive constitution of women liberation, safety from violence, abuse and neglect, children protection, elder and disabilities protection, end slavery, poverty and rehabilitate criminals, holding them accountable for their errors through rehabilitation of doing good work in the communities.  The day we killed people to set the example of freedom, was the day, we created the system that would be changed into a monster. 

    Our dream is not the “American Dream” because if you chat with most Americans they do not identify with their ancestors.  They do not want to identify with the crimes committed by their ancestors; they have completely shamed and denied their relationship with their family lineage.  Therefore, in that effort to ignore the past, then the “American Dream, Constitution and Independence” should be changed and abolished.  It is a new day for the people in this 21st century to rid ourselves from the past of what we have called the “dark ages.”  As a population we should walk into the new generation, “new ages.” Of hope, liberty and true equality that the intentions of all families in the citizenship of this country, the states, we find a new opportunity as the children generations of the ancestors of the settlers, slaves, victims, immigrants, and so forth, as one people, to identify with what we can come to a common ground of democracy to reflect the true mirror and reflection of what we stand for as a collective group of residents.

    Our policies should not reflect of the past for we do not identify with racism any longer, we have interracial families.

    Our policies should not reflect of the past for we do not identify with sexism any longer because women are equals, and have been since the beginning working with men, and the sexual orientations are equals to work with men and women, and the list goes on, that our opportunities to be claimed as partners whether as a sex.

    Our policies should not reflect of the past for we do not identify with poverty any longer for our families deserve equal treatment, housing, nutrition and care that we all work as a team of partnerships to bring upon the same success stories to create wealth for all, and dignity and strength for all.

    Our policies should not reflect of the past for we do not identify with discrimination any longer for our immigrants from the North are equal to the South, and those of the East.  We are not going to have families without access to their families and friends because we are all one.  All should have equal access to “tour” and visit our land without penalty but laws should be governed and enforce to give our states a non violence “no tolerance” rule.  This includes our law enforcements.  We should find practices that meet the needs of our people and their global community.


    Our American Dream should be Martin Luther King Jr. “I have a Dream” we should replace the old with the new, and as an archive, file the old American Dream in the cabinets, to show the future that we lived a historic moment that we wanted more for our children then to be criminals but true patriots.