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Keisha Merchant

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                    In my forestry classes, I learned that most timber cruising classes do not teach the “value” of the land.  It is apparent that most forest management classes are bought by the capitalists that need trees as products.  The ideas of Native Americans have been ignored.  The value of land has gone down due to the exploitation of capitalists.  In our country, we do not “value” forests nor do we have the sophistication to guarantee safe journey in that land.  The species that are living in our bodies are adapting to their “land” which is our bodies as their hosts. 

                    Therefore, we live in “earth” as a host for our living, though we do not value earth as a host we reside on.  We decide that destroying earth as an exploitation commodity is suitable rather for the opportunity to provide us a home.  We do not understand the priorities of “land” as Native Americans understand the “reverence and value” of land.  We continue to use western thought ideologies and colonize our minds to convince ourselves that exploitation and capitalism is the way that will lead to prosperity and wealth.  In fact it is lead us to the highest and global trauma of “death rate.”  We have the most in “crime institutions” and our overall stability for war as diplomacy of peace has lead bloodshed rampant globally.

                    In my eyes the Native American government in the states has not had the opportunity to be equal with the states government and federal government.  In every aspect, this country owes so many countries that it is evident that we are becoming a cultural “criminal” if we do not begin to pay our debt.  In the effect of paying our debts, the greatest debt we owe is to the Native American Country.  We should start with paying their government trillions or create a new government that have dual and mutuality with the Native American Country as a two in one government.  The residence of the Native Americans are the owners of this “land” and everyone including “Westerners” who were immigrants once upon a time need to give the land back to the Native Americans or create two governments in one, two countries as one ally. 

                    The idea that slavery is devastating the dark skinned cultures should be changed since we have entered the 21st century.  I think the discrimination of people, culture and poverty conditions of “land” need to be transformed and changed into better techniques to partner with differences and diversity.  Until we can settle the “first estate” debt, the States will have to struggle with capital sovereignty and past delinquencies.  We are not going to be patriots with settling our debts first.  In the world’s eyes we are just a country of criminals.  If we are to ever become the country of liberty and rescue team that we play in movies of “super heroes” we might want to clean up our own house first.

                    Our country, the states need to pay our debts.  Give dual sovereignty to Native Americans and all her citizens.  Convict all crimes of slavery after the laws were enacted.  Give twenty acres and a car (mule) to all freed slaves.  Change our policies to give universal health care, shelter, clothing, food and education of higher learning to the expert level to create new jobs and economy that will end poverty and finally show a country without debt, cash revenues and finally opportunities to employ all diversities of people, with governments that completely represent all representations to give equality, show good face to all policies that change the effects of poverty, crime, insanity and lack of education, health care and provisions in the “land” of the free.

                    It is within this frame work that the economy, society and culture in the states will become desolate if the news of the Native Americans continues to be ignored.  It is within the “land” management that our smuggling of ethics and integrity be decreased through capitalistic and western corruption that we will become the desolate “land” that becomes a desert.  Let us not be so fragile that we can’t wake up by building our house on rock rather on glass.

  • Keisha Merchant
    Keisha Merchant ...thank you for coming through Rev. Dr. Dean Rose and sharing your thoughts about this blog...much love! ~keisha
    March 22, 2010
  • Rev.William  Jackson
    Rev.William Jackson I agree that more people should love the land but I have to say even the Native Americans
    do not look at the land through the same eyes as the elders did so many years ago. I have had the pleasure of working with the Comanche Tribe for some years now ...  more
    March 25, 2010
  • Aaron Knowlton
    Aaron Knowlton Considering the vast majority of Native Americans were nomadic, reverting back to that lifestyle would mean disestablishing the current economy and way of life for all people. A wonderful concept and heartfelt idea, not very plausible. Not to mention upro...  more
    March 26, 2010
  • Keisha Merchant
    Keisha Merchant thank you brothers, rev. william and aaron for your comments and feedback...enjoyed the encounter...thank you for sharing
    March 26, 2010